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You Know your good at PES/Winning Eleven when.....


Bombay Shitehawk
aaronarid said:
When every goal you score "doesn't count" for the following reasons, as stated by my housemate:
"you attacked down the wings, and centred it, thats an easy goal, get some creativity, your just exploiting the game"
"you just attacked down the centre, your exploiting the game, its not my fault the stupid defenders dont do what i want them to do"
"my pass didn't go where i want it to go, this game is stupid"
"my goalie should of saved that, this game is so stupid"
"your players always win their tackles, this game is fucking stupid, ur cheating"
"you super-cancelled, thats cheating, it confuses my player"
"this game is so fucked, how comes your players can shoot from distance and mine are crap"
"i know your pressng something so my players cant shoot properly"
"so what if you only got 2 fouls compared to my 16? mine were legitimate tackles, not my fault the game is fucking stupid and don't tackle when i tell it to, anyways, ur tackles denied my a goal scoring opportunity, thats 2 goals to me"

I get those all the time LOL... these as well:
"Stop doing those through lobs my players won't defend them"
"Are you sure square is shoot?"
"I didn't bring my keeper out!"
"thats the only way you ever score, either chips or going round my keeper or shots from outside the box.."
"what's the button for through pass cos triangle won't work?"
"It selected the wrong player"
"I took my finger off sprint!"
"Thats only cos you had more possession than me.."

Stevie Baby

Village Idiot
Lovely thread

- When you beat your friend who is playing as Classic Germany 4-0 with Saudi Arabia.
- When your mate keeps asking to watch your replays.
- When you've never lost a single match against anyone.


Registered User

50! said:
-When you win with the wrong buttons
-When you go a 6* ML season unbeaten with West Brom and fake players.
-When you play blindfolded ;)

-ive done that with west brom too...

-right before you shoot ur friend pauses the game to mess you up.


Registered User
I know im good when I start a new season on my six stars master league save. And after 10 games I have this goal difference 54-2. And my star Pele is leading the goal ranking with 33 goals.

-the best way to find out if you are good or not is to play with Saudi Arabia, the poorest team on the game, against you'r buddies, who acctualy has the game themself and they are using teams such as milan and so on, and you beat them 5-0, hmmm.... i've done that lol


Registered User
When you can score freekicks with your feet.
when you can come back from 2-0 down with 10 or less men.
when you realise beating Real Madrid by more than 4 goals on 6* isn't hard.
when you can beat your mates with 4 strikers at the back and three defenders up front.


as normal as norman bates
when ur mate says
if u score 5 im quitting
when u beat ur mates team of super all 99 player with out your star striker


"ThE liTtlE PhAraOh"
Lupez Fiasco said:
-People consider your use of Egypt as cheating.
-Your score using the center button.
-You use Keown as a striker and score some crazy goals.
-People criticize the way you always dribble and score.
-Your reduced to 8 men and you still win.

What else.....
hey watch it man we're not the worst in game but we're bad enough

- When you're winning 6-0 and 7-0 on 6 stars and been keeping a clean sheet for 10 consecutive matches
- When you know by heart your team stats and best formations (including A and B)

Ogopa Djz

Registered User
o0oGedo0o said:
hey watch it man we're not the worst in game but we're bad enough

- When you're winning 6-0 and 7-0 on 6 stars and been keeping a clean sheet for 10 consecutive matches
- When you know by heart your team stats and best formations (including A and B)

LOL. Its true though i beat my friend 4-1 with Egypt Mido scored all four. :D


"ThE liTtlE PhAraOh"
endo7 said:
When your friend claims that the PS2 hates him and is there for cheating him!
lol my brother always says that to me, but not just in winning eleven, in all games actually, i enjoy kicking his sorry bud in every game

Pablo Diablo

Registered User
top thread

-when your mate stops counting lobbed or tap-ins thus wins the game by default and tells his friends he beats me all the time
-when you mate stops playing after 20 minute because his 'thumb is hurting'.
-you mates starts on you because you beat him 7-0
-when random people come around to the flat because they heard you were good and wanted to give you a game
-when you dont want to play because theres no great achievment in winning anymore (five weeks)
-when you start to play one handed for a laugh and still score which pisses your mate off even more cue massive punch up


Registered User
-when your opponent cry's about the 10-0 scoreline that Tottenham won against brazil
- when your mate blames the patch you have gives you a competitive edge
-when he starts counting chances/ near misses as goals and at the end of the game when looks at the stats he still loses


Bombay Shitehawk
When your mate says re-match after every game til he realises its getting bright again.. then he says: " OK this is the last one.. I'll definately beat you this time"


Knucklehead McSpazatron
When you win Division 1 on the ML with a team salary of only 10'000 on 6*.

I did it today :) I won it with a created team 'Yeovil Town'.