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  • I have downloaded the v.12 and i have done everything that is needed for von OF but nothing happens the game is still the same ...i deleted all my old data and everything in the instructions is done but the game does niot change it is still the same...what should i do??
    Hello can u tell me how I can download the 1.20 version.... beacause when i connect my Pes to internet nothing happens... and i have the 1.10 version... can u tell me what should I do please... thanks
    can you help me please, how am i going to dowload pach for pes 2009 for ps3 i dont have internet in ps3. can i dowload from computer and then instal in ps3. please tel me how? my e-mail is [email protected]
    Weepee thks for putting up the new links but if you could just put up the megaupload links for the emblems as well :D cheers!
    sh4p-long debate mate you missed about arsenal, thats the nearest you can get to the arsenal home, crap aint it.....
    the other way is the diamond arm, like in vons, i prefer mine tbh.
    i havent seen this done on other kits but it could be possible on the pngs if you make them longer (pngs)like my bolton/blackburn png, if you had asked me this maybe a month ago i would do it, its a brill idea, but im almost done here mate sorry
    hi mate. great work on the kits...loving them all! is there any way to increase the width of the white strip on the arm of the arsenal home kit? also, is it possible to have the premiership badge on the kits for the ps3 version? have you seen this done?

    thanks again. and great job with the kits!
    Hey mate do you mind giving me another link for the emblems and kits the first one as i can't dwld it off rapidshare it always says "Error"..


    Oh and for the files I just have to put in at the PHOTOS and not the SAVED DATA UTILITY right?
    yo trevi your english is better than mine lol
    but i am from essex lol!!!

    anway if you use one of the existing pngs as a template, thats what id everytime i create a new png, weve covered most shirt sponsors already so, just choose ie: arsenal for the nike shirt, delete out the badge and fly emirates then you got yourself a nike shirt template, for you to add any other logos to
    hope this helps
    I have spent the last hour or so reading this thread:
    and I must say I am amazed. The time and effort as the good spirit with which you and the others from the first posts are unparalleled and I would like to make it known that the last hour has been well spent.

    We have a small league where we create our own clubs, badges and uniforms.
    I would like to know, if it is not too much to ask, if there is a tutorial on how to do this. I use fireworks (when I say I use, I mean that I have it, not that I know much other than regular use) and have made some regular to bad badges for the league and would like to get them into the uniforms with their sponsors included.
    Is there a size for the png file?

    Thanks for your time and please excuse my English.
    frankie-the GK h/a right?
    post in the emblem thread, i alway forget to look in my messages slol soz
    hey arsenald

    seeing as uve been really helpful on her ive got a quaestion, sorry if this sounds stupid...but if i replace my system file with the "All Unlocked" one, will it change the edit or anything at all?
    just a quick message to say thanks for doing the brighton kit pack for me. I really appreciate this as i have been looking everywhere for them!
    infact...i do have an american version!!!!!!!!!!
    i didn´t know that your OF is only compatible with european version.
    It is possible to find a OF for the american version??
    Thank you..
    Another thing...
    Do you know if there is a kit formula for la liga?
    Thanks again...
    Just a thought (as I have just been helping someone with it) - what about quick guide for chants installation on PS3 on the fisrt page after OF installation info?

    Just to remind people the space the start button puts after the playlist name needs deleting to allow PES to find it.
    Hi mate, I downloaded your option file, bloody brilliant it was, what I want to know is whether you have built a Manchester United kit image i.e. the nike swoosh, AIG and crest, I really want to edit my kits in the ML.

    Would it be possible to create one if not, I can't find one anywhere?

    Thanks very much
    HI Mate I'd like to congratulate you on your hard work and dedication. I'd decided to do a OF this year but never got to do it cause of busy work loads. I wanna get a proper OF at the moment i've got the wenb OF it's ok but the internationals aint right as well as other little stuff, i would love to know if ur OF is better, I c alot of people talking about it. If you could keep me in touch that would be good. Keep up the good work.
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