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  • hello, master, r u online? i have a question regarding the pes 13 option file US version (PS3). wanna start off by thanking for all your efforts with other option files creators for such great work. just curious that am i expecting the option file to be available some where later tonight? just curious.. thanks again~! peace
    Great option file! I hear I can transfer my PES 2011 file to PES 2012? I edited a league and created fictional teams. If I want to use your file for real teams and add my teams do I DL and use your option file first and than transfer my league / team?
    Hola pategato, escribi en tu Post pero no se si estas en linea con el, antes que nada tu OF es el mejor de lo mejor (de verdad te lo digo), ahora bien dejame contarte que la ultima Actualizacion (DLC 3.0), la bundesliga se arruino, no se que paso??? pero esta diferente, te dejo la inquietud talvez lo puedas arreglar o subir solo la liga alemana para importarla, de antemano y desde ya te agradezco y felicidades por el talento y dedicacion, saludos y bendiciones...
    Pategato Hello, I wrote in your post but not if you are in line with, first of all your OF is the best of the best (really I'm telling you), now well let me tell you that the last update (DLC 3.0), the Bundesliga is ruined, not what happened??? but this different, I leave the concern or perhaps you can fix up the german league to import only in advance and already I thank you and congratulations on the talent and dedication, greetings and blessings ... bad english sorry :D
    Listen son, I'll repeat it one more time for you:
    If you can't update your game, you can't use my option file.
    Since you have your PS3 modded with True Blue, which is illegal btw, it can't receive any updates.
    i have True Blue and pes 2012.
    i can't update my pes 2012 so its version 1.00
    the transfer list is not update, fabregas still in arsenal.
    you posted that:
    i know there is 4 Version, i have download V3 and it didn't work, it say that the version are different and it can't load.
    what is the problem and how can i fix it so i could have V4 on my pes 2012.
    2 more thing:
    1)in the link you posted, is the transfer list is update on V1.
    2)is the problem is that my pes 2012 is not update, becuse if it is i can't update my pes so is there a patch like that one that do all the thing in the patch you release i pes 2012 no update.
    No, u changed the fantastic cat with the gun! I love it haha cheers man!
    Hi my old friend,

    Have been away some time :/ My xbox didnt work now have buy new one :)
    We will see more now;) My new xbox profile is smashs1 and playing only pes2012...


    I had started the thread with online cheaters (here). do you mind locking the thread, as we have successfully exposed how people cheat, and all the community's effort shall go into reporting it to KONAMI via email and Jon Murphy via twitter.

    if people are allowed to continue posting, no one will read my final statement. please, this thread has fullfilled its purpose and must be locked. please read my last post on the thread and you will understand.


    Hey there. Do you know of anyone who is making an OF for the American version (PSP) of PES 2011?
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