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  • Hey! No, I'm not working on any kits this year. Haven't had the time to do it ;(
    I was hoping someone on this forum would be so kind and do a Swedish Allsvenskan option file. I would love to play master league with a good Option file.
    Do you know anyone working on this?
    Well, unfortunately that's the way it is, I can't do much about it. There are ways to convert them but they are time consuming, so I'm afraid I can't do it. Still, I hope those kits can still be useful for you ;)
    PES 2014 kit format isn't the same as in PES 2018, so while you can use those kits in there (I think) it will have errors for example in sleeves and socks. Anyway, if you want to try it out you have my kits on those links I send :thumbsup:
    No I haven't! I've been doing kits for my PES 2018 OF ;) Just not taking requests now since I don't have much free time avaiable
    There's no problem on using PESMaster kit creator, I use it a lot on my kits as well :laugh: , it's a great website and has lots of templates. It's surely a great place to start making kits.

    But the default paint program that comes with the PC may not be enough... You need some program that can handle basic things like layers and "magic wand" (a tool to remove backgrounds, for example, for the logos), etc. I seriously recommend as it isn't hard to use (most things are simple and self-explanatory, it's very easy to learn) and it's completely free. :thumbsup:

    If you need any more advice just tell ;)

    Just a question/piece of advice: Do you use any image editing software? Like Paint-net, GIMP or Photoshop? Even if you create the kits in PESMaster kit creator, it is still useful getting one of those programs and learn how to use it to make the details or add logos and sponsors that aren't possible to do in the kit editor. It doesn't even need to be a paid and more advanced software like Photoshop, I have paint-net, which isn't too hard to use and it's fine for anything I need to do.

    Any more questions I'm here :)
    Not bad, just a suggestion, on Home and GK kits you should use a white variant of the logo (a blue logo over a blue shirt doesn't look good :laugh:), like this:

    It's a nice start, keep it going, you'll improve a lot if you keep doing kits :thumbsup:
    Hey, at the moment I don't have time to do requests. I'm too busy with my PES 18 OF. But you can leave your ideas in my kit thread, If I ever have time to do them I will :thumbsup:
    Those .ted files are team exports, you can import them into your game, just grab a usb flash drive, create a folder called WEPES in it, copy the .ted files and all the kits and logos to that folder, then put it in your PS4. In PES, go to data management - import/export - import team. Then select the .ted files you want to import. On advanced options, you have 3 boxes, you can tick them depending on what you are importing (for example, if you are importing Premier League or La Liga teams, you can leave the boxes empty, but if you are importing new teams to the game, like Bundesliga teams for example, you'll need to tick the 2nd box so it imports the players)
    Thanks, but there's no need to do it (I don't have much time to do those teams).

    I just asked because there was someone asking me if I knew any patches of Cypriot League, and as you requested me the kits for those cypriot teams, perhaps you'd know anything :)

    Btw, I don't know what is the problem with your profile, perhaps I can help? (it was not just 3 times, I had 7 messages from you :laugh: :laugh:)
    regarding the google image search function, for example, this is what happens when I drag one of my Ledman Liga Pro kits: at the bottom of my page, there is a link for my Ledman Liga Pro Creation thread, because google recognized the image and redirected me to the place where I could find it. ;)

    Yes you can, as long as you don't take credit for making them. ;)
    If you don't know the author, try searching for those kits, on the forum, on youtube (for example, if it's a kit from a denmark team, you can search for denmark league), or maybe using google image search (you can even use the "reverse" function: go to google images and drag the image from your computer to the search box. It doesn't always work but maybe if you find something). If you can't find the author, just tell you don't know who the author is. Just don't take credit for them and it should be fine ;)
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