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  • Yes you have right... They don't fit for my game accurately. But, I make some changes in the size of the kits and I use them.. There is no update for my game and I use from newest versions
    I'm using in PS4 pes2018 and in my pc i have stuck in pes 2014.. I want your work for my pc game.. That's why I want only the kit files..
    I can explain you.. I want your work, but no in Option File.. Only the photos of the kits.. I have tried to use the Option file, but I can't use correctly the ted files
    Hello Philips_99! I want a favour from you! Would you send me the kits from the teams that you have in your OF without ted file for this season?? I need them for previous PES.. like simple photos
    Honestly, i have used PESMaster kit creator, but some details i changed them in the paint program (so Amateur) :tongue:
    But i want to be better
    Hello my friend! I tried to do some kits.. They're for Dinamo Minsk fc from Belarus.. If you have some time, i want to send you my work to tell me your opinion
    Hello, excellent work. I have seen in your that you have African clubs, you have the possibility to give me access to these clubs, thank you very much I am trying to make an African Champions of 2018.
    By the way, I know that with Ggdaris you do an enormous job to have the OF of all the NTs, are you going to share this OF's link?
    Thank you very much, greetings
    Hello Buddy! I have new ideas for kits! I don't know if they're in European cups.. But, if you're interested send me.. Keep your excellent job!
    hey bro! how are u!
    wanna do a Project of kits with me?
    im gathering some kitmakers to do a big AVENGERS INFINITY WAR PES19 KITS project!
    do u have interest???
    i did Spider Man (iron armor) and Thor kits for now!
    and another kitmaker will try to do captain america!
    Hello again.. i have a question for you.. Do you know how to use the TED files? I have found lots of kits for teams, but i can't use them
    Hello my Portuguese friend, i have tried to answer you 3 times, but i have a problem with my profile..
    Anyway, I don't know someone who makes Cypriot teams, but I can help you.. I will find photos for kits and logos.. Give me some time and i will send you again when i have something..
    Hi, I didnt want to fill up your thread, but, I am looking for someone to make a couple of almost fantasy rangers kits, an adidas and a hummel one, is this something you could/would do? J
    Hello philips_99.. I saw your work for Slovan Bratislava! good work.. I have this kits with the logos.. If you want to add them.. i can help you..
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