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  • Buenas, sabes porqué ya no está el enlace al google drive de los equipos del mundo editados por ti?
    Sé que tuviste problemas con tu pc, pero ya no veo en enlace, un saludo crack
    son de pago ahora ya que hay gente que robo el contenido sin permiso encima insulta , he actualizado un monton de kits
    We must together continue works on all national teams exports, because hundreds or thousands of hours were spent for this and it can't end lightly like this. Now you have much more followers not like before just because your great work!
    Greetings from Latvia!
    Hello Bro. I only want you know there are many people around the world who really do care about national teams football very much. If the ANT Project for PES 2019 will be ended it will be sad. Please think about it. So great work, your and your friends. Great converts to PC by Mars. It can not end like that. In original database of PES or FIFA games are too less NT, so work like yours, that is even more important than any CLUB mods. Greetings from Poland!
    Hay guys..
    I have problem..
    I can't download option file PES 2019 for PS4 (All national team)
    If any body have any answers or solutions please
    Hello!Please tell me did everything according to the instructions, the team PES 2017 converted to PES 2018 ps4.But in PES 2018 PC instead of players some goalies with the same name.How to fix please help???
    hi dude, I heard you managed to convert pes 2017 team to pes 2018
    is there any way about converting pes 2018 teams to pes 2019?
    bro, which program u use to do these kits? and how u put the entire kit like the images u put on your posts with the player with the entire kits?
    I use photoshop and the 3d model pes17 or 18 from blender, in evo web this
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