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M Ace
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  • Hi I write to you because I have your option file and you got there players like Materrazi,Guti,Salgado and those not in the game so I was wondering how you got there,I want to do some self teams such as Liverpool in 2005 and others so i need players from the previous Pes 2011,Pes 2012 like Appiah,Luis Garcia,Djibrill Cisse and several other. So I wonder how i do it thank you for your reply
    Hi M Ace i wanted ask how insert players from pes 2011 in pes 2012, I try USE PREQUEL DATA but all players are without present face
    Your inbox is full I can't PM you any further. Anyway everything will be fixed soon.
    Hi mate,

    I've converted your option file from 5 to 6 (thanks to info provided by paul2478 & szogo87. Send me your email address so that I can send the file onto you.

    I'm trying it out later so ill let you know if their are any issues. However i've gotten rid of PAOK, CRUZ AZUL, Uni Chile and replaced them with my own masterleagues...
    i make gamla ullevi and volksparkstadion (hamburg),dinamo, red star among the stadiums that tell you before.
    i need to find 7 more plus ads for the stadiums.
    i make also rasuda stadion ,and just finish maine road (manch. city old field).
    i continue with the others now you just tell me.
    well mats for stadiums i have made : nikos goumas with ads
    and la bombonera, leipzig zentr.,munich olympic stadion (old bayern) ,highbury,heysel.
    can you tell me any other because my mind has stuck.
    now after that i will continue the player searcing in la liga (exp. atl. bilbao very few players ) and other teams with few roster (less than 19) .
    about face editing i am very good with that but even better with scanned if you like that way.
    tell me about that what have at your mind.
    MATS I Found veins of gold.
    wait for i while i found other 10 players in venlo ,zwolle
    i send you them tomorrow with the rest o dutch league
    It's much harder than i imagined.
    I managed to find some players from dutch league and i will send you to see them ,but because of the difficulties are out of the list that you post me but are true players.
    what is the way to find what players do you want
    first i go to :Teams To Create In PES2013
    and after i am searching in the club teams folder?
    you have organized that way?
    Hi M Ace,

    I'm making a classic OF inspired in old Lennon's OF's, for PS2. Based in "era clubs". I think we can change informations from our classic teams, players and squads, what do you think?

    My best regards,

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