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[BLES01406] GTM Pes World PES 2012 of [ps3 uk]


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few changes for Man Utd, Anderson-new hairstyle, Berbatov-Hairstyle, Welbeck-Hairstyle(and his attacking maybe deserves a tweak up), Ben Amos-Appearance, Ryan Tunnicliffe has been signed to the first team squad, Frederic Veseli in from Man City.


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hi, is it possible to edit the Barcelona 2nd/away strip? Dont seem to have the option to edit it within the game as the option is not highlighted, is it possible to do it with an option file?


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Hernan Crespo, Parma to Free
Faouzi Abdelghni, Vitoria Guimaraes to Ittihad, Loan
Habib Beye, Aston Villa to Free

glen the magpie

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cheers guys. also ive found a few things that need fixing so ill get on that asap.

@mag when you get the update hold off from adding anything yet i wanna add a bit more then send it to you first. enjoy guys.


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I am short of Exp Points, so if I don't unlock classic teams/players before installing, are they going to be edited after installing the OP and then unlocking them?



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There are 2 Matty Phillips' at Blackpool, and Llera & Clarke have left for Sheff Wed & Crawley respectively.

There are also 2 Gelson Fernandes', one at Leicester and one at Udinese.


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Good evening

Will update when the transfer window comes, such as release 01406

I have a version of the 01407 and the Middle East at large

I mean the transfer window

If possible, determine the history

And you are one in the great pes

Sorry for the inconvenience and


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Under 21 Squads

Loving the introduction of the U21's, played England vs Holland last night, great fun.

Just wondering how you select players for the U21 (Classic) squads? I know they're linked to the club players, but I can't find an option to register them in a national squad?

Thanks for all your hard word, Glen, MightyMag and Alty, makes this game even better


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I've sent a list of missed transfers, missing players, and corrections to Glen this Morning for the Premier League & Championship teams.


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Great option file, but henry looks weird, dont look like him at all, i know u overwritten him, but is there no way to base copy te original then that way he would look real & we could add a beard, thought arsenal had cisse (songs new look) lol.... If possible would be great thanx... 1 more thing will stats be edited for certain player i.e. the ox?