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Championship Allstar Xi


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Hey people was wondering ff anyone could help me i have one space left to create my last team & since i dont have any championship teams was thinkin about doin a Championship Allstar Xi any ideas of who should make it the team

Thanks In Advance

Dale C.

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Michael Kightly should be in there from Wolves....

Lee carsley from blues maybe.....

Kevin Doyle from reading.....

Radek Cerny from QPR pretty could have him as goalie....



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Gotta agree with Kightly...I would also include Giles Barnes-Derby, Michael Mancienne-Wolves (on loan from Chelsea..made it into the England squad too!), Joe Ledley-Cardiff, Stephen Hunt-Reading, James Beattie-Sheff Utd, Chris Eagles-Burnle & Owen Garvan-Ipswich...hope that helped.


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Beattie has gone to stoke so you cant have him in it.
I think you should have Kevin Phillips from Birmingham in he is top class


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to be honest havent pick the full squad yet still want ppls vuews in who shud b in it an the startin 11 but as soon as i know i will message u k


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Sylvain Ebanks Blake is defo in the squad m8 4 sure just nned more ppl to help me with players who shud b in init u get me


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Bit biased as I'm a Blade but seriously anyone whose seen Kyle Naughton (RB) must realise the kid is a star in the making! already linked with £6m+ moves to Arsenal, Villa, Man U, Newcastle, Spurs et al - just hope we keep hold of him to be honest!!

Killgallon has to be in there too - one of the classiest defenders in the league, along with (hate to say it) Beevers from the pigs...uh...sorry, Owls. ;)

My Squad would possible be:


(Sheff Utd)_______(Sheff Wed)________(Sheff Utd)___(Sheff Wed/Reading)

Keightly____________Carsley_____________Ledley_______________S. Hunt


Subs/Reserves: Westwood (Coventry), Eagles (Burnley), Bodde (Swansea), Earnshaw (Forest), R.Johnson (Cardiff), N.Hunt (Reading), Commons (Derby), Mawene (PNE), Stock (Donny Rovers), Grant (Sheff Wed), Routledge (QPR)

Could be lots more but that would be pretty much my squad give or take a few!

Let us know how it turns out!


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hows out one player per team to make it a bit more interestin?? and then from the 24 players a team could be made??


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hey guys thanks for the help had to stop work on it @ min cos broken my collar bone but soon as i can will finish it an let u all the squad


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Ross McCormack of Cardiff should be in there. 14 goals in his first season in the championship! James McFadden as well.


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Ross McCormack of Cardiff should be in there. 14 goals in his first season in the championship! James McFadden as well.

Why should McFadden be in there? Hes easily the most overrated player in the championship. Also, Kevin Foley for Wolves should be in there, easily our most consistent player this season