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Dale C.
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  • Hi Dale, its Matts mrs. he jus text me to let people know he wont be able to do the GT5 race tonight. massive download isnt complete. Can you let people know not to wait for him please!!! Thanks Michelle
    Why are people from Wolves called dingles? Is it because they're all related like in Emmerdale or because they look like Sam Dingle?

    Dale your doctor's results were accidently posted to my house today, do you want me to forward them on? I saw something about 'Terminal', 'Two weeks' and 'Agonizing death' but nothing else.
    I thought it was a good idea!! No one ever uses the casino, and for things to be awesome you need co-ordination and organisation. You'll realise that one day, and say you're very sorry to me...
    Oi Dale ya bint, get sending me your duplicate museum cards off GT5.

    Got the collecting bug :faceplm:
    'Ere lads, who is this bint trying to get into my pants? As if I don't have enough women trying to suck my dick as it is, now I get them on here aswell?!
    My name is miss dorien.I am a female I was impressed when i saw your profile today,i became interested in you,i will also like to know more about you mean while i have something important to discussed with you,and I will like to established a long lasting relationship with you.and if you can write to me with my contact address,i will give you my pictures,this is my address( [email protected] )I believe we can move from here i am Awaiting for your reply,please contact me directly with my address ( [email protected] ) distance or colour does not matter but what matters allot is love,please dont write to me in the site
    remember dale we dont drink fosters down here AND the girls dont appreciate being called sheilas.
    it's stupid man, you can curse blue cunting shit infront of some admins and others have a go at you for not using caps lock at the start of a sentence
    what u get booked for?? i swear like a trooper and say loads of (moderately) offensive things and i never get anything :(
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