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Championship option file (PS3)


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Ok, ive i'm just going to try and set up another link of snifferp8's changed os (of ac2202 os) which allows you to use 10 championship teams in the master league. ( hope sniffer and ac don't mind me doing this.

im presently playing a master league with all England League teams 10 championship teams and rangers and celtic filling up division 1 and 2.

Hey i downloaded the file onto my usb but when i check for them whilst trying to copy them over to my ps3 it keeps saying they are 'corrupted'. Does this happen to anyone else or is it just me????



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just bought PS3 with PES 2009 and would like to know if I have done anything wrong for the steps. I copied all folders and files to my "Save Data" folder but when I chose "edit" then "Load Edit File", it appears that "No Saved Data", can anything help me??


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championship option file ps2

im working on a ps2 version but not having alot of luck with this one it's taking twice as long because my mate is doing alot of the work and dont get much time as i dont now im working in belgium for 1 week well i leave here on tuesday morning....

heya do u think there is a chance that the ps2 version of the championship option file could be done or is there a lot of work to be done appreciate it if u could do this option file i understand that its must be hard work .....


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Whenever i try to use these option files it says they are not compatible with the version of my game. Its patched at 1.20 which this OF is supposed to work with. Anybody have any ideas what im doing wrong?


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hello peeps sorry i aint posted and answered any question's i have not had a pc for a while mine broke lol old crappy thing i now own a sony vaio which im happy with....

just a update i have noticed some people have had problems with the system data which next update i do i will include so sorry about that....

also the ps2 version i was doing for this has now stopped because the two people helping me with this have said they dont have anymore time with it being christmas so im hoping for a 1st jan release for this....

also i have been working on a file hush hush we a mate which has the blue square league teams we was doing it for ourself's but i was wondering if anyone would be intrested in this ??????? let me know guys...

i have been updating my option file by improving appreances and stats over the last few weeks plus i have already added the teams missing from version 1 ready for version 2....

ive changed a few prem stats i.e. torres pace and a few others...

so guys let me know about the blue square league or other leagues then the championship to add to a option that wont replace version 2 of the championship file this will be a fun version option file....

also for people using the file thanks for your feedback and comments plus i beat real madrid 5-1 with QPR to days ago rowlands hattrick and parejo scored 2 lol love it...


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how do i get the championship teams into master league.

Hiya just to say very well done with the championship patch its fantastic but i just have one problem.How do i get my teams from other leagues b into master league.

Il be looking foward to your reply



p.s email me personaly please through my pes gaming accoundt



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Hey hey AC2202.

Is there a release date for V2 yet mate?
How's about some screenshots?!

Also about ur Blue Square OF, that sounds grand but here is a suggestion.

Why not take random teams from each league, including SPL, based on what demand you have from members of the forum. Take 5 teams from League 1, 5 from League 2, 5 from BSP and 3 SPL. That would fill the 18 slots. Although having read what ive just put there is lack of Championship. lol. Hope you get the point tho.



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Please Help


I have downloaded Vons option file which is immense but really want these championship teams too! Is there any way that I can have both??????????????????????????????


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Karnia, you have built my hopes up, please explain more.......step by step instructions would be great for the less intellectual like me


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"so guys let me know about the blue square league or other leagues then the championship to add to a option that wont replace version 2 of the championship file this will be a fun version option file...."

Oooh Aye, I'd Be Interested If You Did A League 1 File :) ((Overwritee The Dutch If You Could)) :)