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Daymos Elite PES2011 v3 Bundesliga & Npower Xbox360


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whats up with PROFEY V2 Dutch 2nd Division, based on Daymos V2

will we get a merge for this or what...?


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Daymos... Quick question...

I have V2 file all installed. For this new V3 file, can I just copy over the "UNIFORM" files not already in V2 and be all good?

In other words, for this new V3 did you simply start adding the new kits where you left off in V2 (at UNIFORM293 I believe)?

I'd like to be able to save some time copying files, and don't want to copy files already installed on my system.



Just learned you can drag and drop with the program I am using. :happy:


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Ah... Just read through the thread... So the final version isn't out yet???

Well, take your time. I appreciate the work.

Hi the final version is out but there was a few transfers missing plus issues with the konami update..

Its not major.. but I want to bring out a file fixing any issues..


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Hi Daymos, thanks for your work. :w00t

I downloaded the one with the nPower logos, because I wanted the Bundesliga one but it wasn't available when I tried.

So, now I'm downloading the Bundesliga one.

Can I just change the Edit File to get the logos right?

So I don't need to copy everything again to my USB and then to the Xbox.


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d-man , have you fixed the missing transfers ? ive got ya bundesliga patch and noticed that the squads were messed up (including konami march update) eg - demba ba , keane , bridge ,were all missing from west ham ? no italian transfers ???? (probs issue with the file?) and pires with preset face was not changed over with your created version at villa(ive now done the swaps) but was just wondering when we can expect a fix-er-upper!?


oh btw ..........I dont know how you do it but -AWESOME KIT WORK!!!!


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Hey mate,

I had a transfer guide from the BBC and spent hours doing all the transfers.. I obviously didnt do something correct because theres loads missing..

A fix is in the works by a members of the PES community who is working hard each night giving the squads a once over... and its the version after the applied konami update on the full Bundesliga file.

Anyone is welcome to do the Npower version and I can update that one too but will only be free to do it myself after I finish the Portuguise file.


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A fix is in the works by a members of the PES community who is working hard each night giving the squads a once over... and its the version after the applied konami update on the full Bundesliga file.

sweet so we would have all the sweets from you OF plus extra players made by konami

btw any news on PROFEY V2 Dutch 2nd Division merge with ur V3?


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Hey dach,

Yep thats right.. it will be a true fix.. :)

To merge the files would mean that you start with one.. either the Dutch or Bundesliga file..

Then you can import kits but all players and teams from the other league would need to be created from scratch..


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Yeah I tried, it looked fucked up.No immediate merge possible. And dont feel like creating things from scratch again, so bummer you guys. Ill will be keeping myself with the players who are missing in v3a. if there are.

Daymos, how can I fix the missing players for you in v3a? Just create and then give you the edit file? and how will it be the same in v3b?

Are there other guys creating aswel?


BTW!: ILoveU You've already made Miayichi, even better than in real DLC. His special abilities rock. I hope Feyenoord can hire for next season too.


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Is it me or am I missing german dfb pokal?

Hey mate.. lol

Spot on.. no one realised the emblem wasnt there.. I said in on one of these forums and I will add it to the finished Bundesliga fix file..

Yes please!! if you care to do any missing transfers then that will be fine.. you dont need to do the konami update fully because it will take you too long to fix all the 23 man squads..

If you wish to work on it then I can also add the dfb pokal emblem and rerelease with your credits.



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thnx for the responce DJ, but are there any others working on v3a? I dont want to do no use work.
And I can just create players in the create player area 1?
I just started with the Eredivisie ofcourse ;) and then ill do the other League( anderlcht,sparta p, besiktas etc)


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How far is v3b?

Just a lame thought, but isnt it easier to do all the transfer on 1 version? For example, we take v3b and do all transfers there.
afterthat you or i (me not lazy)put the edit file in v3a. The emblems are probably the only things that are messed up. But that easylie can be changed, right? bundesliga on default emblems and Npower with their own one.


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Hey I get your logic and or enthusiam but it not really an option..

No worries, when I finish the Portuguise file ill sort the v3a stuff.. I will be using both files as its easy for me to put either file into my Xbox 360 depending on what im doing..

Even with basic emblems.. its still quicker to do transfers manually than redraw emblems..

I think your method would involce sorting transfers in v3a 1st then redraw the emblems to create v3b.. as v3b fix in deep in the works its another reason against your idea..

Sorry man.. ;)