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Daymos Elite PES2011 & WE2011 Option File V1.1


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Might be a bit of a stupid question but are the proper chamionship crest's and teams meant to be there in v1.2? in my game there are not crests and the teams all have fake players?


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U might be using it wrong. How r u trying to open the drive or transfer the files?

I had it working before mate, i just open drive but instead of any partitions showing it just freezes then crashes, i think its my shit processor that cant handle that and 100 other things going on on my PC, i downloaded an earlier version and it worked a treat


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When I press copy when trying to transfer files onto hardrive it comes up with an error message. Can anyone shed any light please.


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The file is send to all Emails after my messege for the request. Ppl that receive it now, can u help the others mailing it to them? TIA! :) Happy gaming!

Make sure U installed all the patches and KONAMI updates. Drop the OF in ur HD after that. It shuld all be good now.

Thanks mate, very much appreciated. I recieved it and have emailed it to everyone who posted after me, upto and including 'JONNYRICH at 20.51pm'. They may have it already but i dont know if they do, so no harm in having it twice i guess :)

Thanks again.

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Hi please send v1.2 to [email protected] and if you want to don't hesitate to insert one of those definitely-not-spam messages about how you got a free ipod for logging into a Chinese website.

"Thanksing You" as one email once closed with.


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can someone try this link pls..

you dont have to sign up.. Rapid share has gone all silly..

Dont worry guys.. when I release the chants in a few weeks ill probably pay to get a decent upload / download service so theres no problems..

ps id like to commend you guys for holding the fort and sharing the file with each other as i was helpless while away from my pc and the iphone can only do so much..

Much appreciated guys and expect a mega surprise within approx 10 days :)


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Hey People,

I have a question, I need all PES 2011 Updates from Konami but I can't find it on the internet can someone help me please beacause I need all Updates to update my Game before I use Daymos OF.

My English is not soo good :p but I think everybody can undestand me:)
If some one helps me I'll be very greatfull.

Thanks Valdos


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Thx, right from Brazil!
If you want to do the Brazilian League, we will be happy. I can help you with images os the kits, and creating the players. PM me please!


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can I download the Konami updates on xbox live silver? I don't have gold.

Also I read on page 1 not to get the 2nd konami update (something about an Ireland kit). Is this still applicable and if so how can I differentiate between which update is the right one. Are they numbered?