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December 20/12 Patch Details !


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nurological yes you will im afraid
i havent noticed any change in gameplay or noticed any new goal celebrations upto now
poor patch really and cant see much need for it
by the way thought there was option to turn boots off? cant find it on mine

is there any reason for this? i did the update but carried on my master league and all seems to be working fine. didnt do the data pack though so i presume it should be ok?


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I want to go back to 1.02 patch. It was the best imo. Anyone with an idea how to do this?? If I delete 1,03 it just goes back to 1.00..



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Its on PS3. Well, thanks anyway. I just think that that 1.03 f*cked up the gameplay. Anyways I dont play pes 2013 anymore, its even worse than 2012 concidering there is no acceleration nor speed differences, the most fundemental thing of sports..


New Member
No longer receiving a decent amount of money at half season and end of season after this patch. At the start of each transfer window i used to receive about 100m which never showed up in my expected earnings and seemed to increase the more supporters i had each season. I have done some research online but cannot find any information on this. Its a large pain in my rear end as i cannot sustain my team without this money. My wage bill is at current 220m each year. Any help or information would be much appreciated.