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E3 Thread


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This thread is for posting news, screens and your views on this years E3 which starts next week. Heres some pre-E3 screens recently released:

Ghost Recon 3 (XBOX 360)

Condemed (XBOX 360)



Bombay Shitehawk
pretty cool screens there.. Is there gonna be stuff about ps3 at this years E3? I'm presuming there is...


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yea there will be, there arnt many PS3 screens around atm, but there will definatly be alot of screens for ps3 this time next week, and hopefully screens for PES on PSP!


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Just found some PS3 screens, i'm hoping this is a low-budget game as the graphics don't look as impressive as they should for a ps3 game, this will most likely be a release game and as we all know 90% of release games for new consoles are crap!.... game of Bouncer anyone?!? ;)


..I'm expecting bigger and better things at e3.


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Yea, Konami are releasing a 30 or 60 second teaser video of Metal Gear Solid 4 at e3 I'll post it as soon as i have it, expect to see an new Final Fantasy for PS3 aswell. These two games will be able to show of what the ps3 is capable of. Some game developers making games for ps3 and Xbox 360 have said ps3 graphics "blow xbox 360 graphics out of the water" in other words ps3 will have better graphics.


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Sony Considers 2005 PS3 Release
A company rep hints at the possibility of a release this year.
by Anoop Gantayat
May 12, 2005 - In a surprising twist on the next generation hardware race, a Sony representative has stated that a year 2005 release for the next generation PlayStation is a possibility. Responding to questions from Jiji news service, Sony Chief Financial Officer Takao Yuhara states, "For the year end sales season, simultaneously building up both the PlayStation Portable system in America and Europe as well as the next generation PlayStation is one option that we have."

Most industry speculation calls for a next generation PlayStation release in 2006. Sony's third party developers have backed this assumption up with a strong list of PlayStation 2 titles planned for the rest of the year and early next.
The state of the next generation PlayStation software shown at next week's E3 show should reveal if a 2005 release is a possibility for the new system, or if Yuhara's comments were designed to take some steam out of Microsoft's Xbox 360 unveiling later today.


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I hope for a Ninja Gaiden release on the 360, its one of my favourite games of all times.
Any news on that?
Ninety Nine Nights looks great.
I expect some revolutionary games when the new consoles are released.


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Im impressed! Ghost Recon espcially, as its showing game footage whereas some of the other games could be prerenderd graphics.
At the moment im swaying towards the xbox more then the playstation.