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    Cheers Barry! Will deffo look into this.

    I was hoping to try for tickets for the away leg, but that hasn't really materialised :(

    Thanks! He was always a legend in my eyes! You had quite the awesome squad back then; Babangida, Finidi, Blind, the De Boers, Witschge, Litmanen, Knopper, Melchiot, Kinkladze, Wamberto, Arveladze etc!
    Barry, I'm looking to come to Amsterdam for my stag-do in about 18 months time and am keen to attend an Ajax game on the Sunday (as they tend to play on a Sunday most of the time).

    My questions are:

    a) how easy is it to pick up a ticket on the day of the match?

    b) how much would a ticket set me back?

    Many thanks ;)
    Mate, I'm gonna need you to provide reports on Ryo Miyaichi at 'Noord.
    Very noble of you, Barry. But I'm going to decline and keep Lionel for the remaining two months.
    So Baz, you hobnob fiend, I was flicking through the latest copy of FourFourTwo my mate bought to work with him during our dire shift the other day. Edgar Davids was being interviewed and I'm going to have copy an excerpt of it for your reading pleasure:

    'Is it true that while at Barca you and Ronaldinho had skills competitions and you'd win most of the time? Who's the most skillful player you've played with?

    It was not like that, never. It's more like you do skills in the park and try to come up with new things. For skills and tricks, Ronaldinho was the best player I've played with. The other was Peter Hoekstra; he used to play for Ajax and Stoke City.'

    I very nearly got the horn.

    Cool pics too, that one in Malmo of the Sonic Youth sign is a classic.
    Another 'nudge' from the northerner - How's Elm been, has he played? Also, how's things with The Abstract Truth?
    Hey Barry,do you go to the pop weekend in Schagen?I was there in 1999 and it was mint.The family i lived with used to once get dressed up in really old fashioned gear and parade round the market place with horses and carts!
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