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    :lol: Nah I found a folder on my old hard drive with all the photoshop stuff I did on here back in the day.

    Let's see if you're right...

    Can't see why this idea didn't take off. :laugh:
    Every one says that I moan but going asked RAMBO CSKA if you do not BELIVE me about the flag going up how can Messi be offside in is own half EA? Asked RAMBO CSKA what happened me and RAMBO CSKA watched the replay 3 our 4 times EA Darren Cross you have lost it and so have you EA I hope Konami beat you next year on there sales give you something to think about EA about how Real Madrid are unfair on fifa
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    who is currently in you avatar; can't make them out; old group or fake shot of old group...buddy holly?
    Yeah. Can't really be bothered talking about race issues. I know it's his favourite topic though.
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