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  • please can u help me play my pes12 online when i type the reg code it tells me its wrong but i can play offline help pls?
    I usually play with Suazo as for some reason Gilardino is shit. I forgot to edit my squad before we played and didn't realise that the matches wouldn't earn us coins or use up our contracts. That first game was the debut game for Hamsik and Hernanes who don't seem as effective as Ljajic and Mauri. Ilicic also seems less effective online compared to offline.

    You may not have pace but neither do my centre backs. I find this out whenever I play online as teams get behind my defence with ease. I end up having to use the pace of my full backs to cover it.
    Your 1-2s are gonna give me nightmares for weeks. My defence was getting destroyed by them.
    It's just because Phat spreads rep around like it's sprinkles on a cupcake. :lol:
    I give Matt about 5 positive reps a day. Yes, I do laugh at your jokes but it's a shame that it appears I am one of few. Perhaps others just don't understand your jokes.
    You're so fresh and so funny, every one of your sarcastic picture posts really get me going, you really should be on BBC 3 with all the other amazingly talented comedians.
    "I think Claudia Winkleman is pretty attractive, but shit on the Film show." Think it was aimed at that comment. It was a reference to an earlier post you made about her where you realised she says everything is "brilliant" hence my comment "That's brilliant!"
    oh, i wasn't sure if it was in-game or real. the lighting looks so realistic. well done Konami on that point then.
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