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  • hi mate,which thread that discussing
    about BAL?im confused with the shop
    items.yesterday,i bought personal
    training to boost my BAL form.the question is,how long i have to equip it?does it will be lasted?like the skill card and extra
    Off to Barbados in the summer. Only two weeks, but looking forward to it.

    Do you know your first destination?
    Thank you, Hunter. 2012 has been ok so far. Can't have any complaints. Looking forward to the summer!

    How about yours? How is the travelling plans coming along?
    I bought it for my brother for his birthday. He has leant it to me, so I will try and watch it in the next few weeks. Can't wait. Apparently it's similar to his book, which I have read.

    He's my favourite of all time.
    I've have an Austin Avi/Sig prepared for the New Year ;)

    How's the CM Punk T-Shirt in person?
    Hi bud, only just saw this, merry xmas! I'm good, got PC on xmas music playing and it's all good :)
    You may be called The Grinch, but I don't think anyone here is as happy on this day as you! Merry Xmas, Hunter. Have an awesome day! :D
    Yeah, after being spoiled by HD graphics for the last few years I thought I wouldn’t be able to stomach the non-HD graphics in Zelda, and I was concerned I wouldn’t play the game due to it, but it really is stunning to behold and visually the most pleasing game I have experienced this year. Being a Disney fag I feel you can look past aesthetic design moreso than most people on here especially when it comes to “hurr durr it looks like a kiddies game”
    Nay worries young man, your concern regarding spelling is appreciated by this greying old man (i.e me) :lol:
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