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[FACES] Combining Face/Hairstyles for unlicensed players 2013


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Ozil Neew look please?

arbeloa maybe ?


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made face editing a lot easier,thanks pal

Okay, like i promise before i will post the link of my presets pack. I hope it will help people find suitable hairstyle for their players faster and easier.

It's includes pic of all over hundred presets for pes 2013. So you can just scroll from one image to another to find the hairstyle you want rather than check a players ingame one by one or try to remembering all over hundred of them.
Please note that maybe i accidently misplaced some hairstyle into wrong folders (e.g. i put a light hair type into some dark hair type folders). You can correct this on your own to make the pack suitable to your style.

You can download the presets pack here.
Remember to thumbs up if you decide to use this pack.

Cheers. rony.

nice one mate:)


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Any hairstyle suggestion for v.d.vaart from my photo on the left ?

PS : has got van der vaart and hulk ID ?


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Try mario gomez hair for bendtner and for dante hair try fellaini, witsel or jo from athletico minerio i think not near my xbox so dont no off the top of my head