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Favourite Kind Of Goal?

Mullet Taylor

Registered User
i like the goals that have like 15 passes before hand. They obviously aren't as joyful as a big dirty Stevie G Special, but they are quite nice to watch


Registered User
i like a volley from outside the goal area or a bicycle kick from inside which comes from the crossing...


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I Love the Side Foot goal, the one Henry used to do at Arsenal in his pomp where hed just place it into the corner of the net.


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low corner to the edge of the box hit first time. i did this with england and thought it was a one off but tried it again with barca in the league and messi finished exactly the same. takes me back to the sherringham and anderton days.


Registered User
good ole anderton aka sicknote! plays for mylocal team bournemouth now, still got a great touch on him

my favourite type of goal is a corner rebound , edge of the area, sitting up nicely and either a wonder goal half volley or killing someone in row Z


Registered User
My Favourite Kind Of Goal Is When Champion Yells:

"and It's Still In Play!!!"

And You Smash In The Rebound :)


Registered User
I think it depends a lot on which team you and who you're playing against and the circumstance.

Like, I hate all the Barca and Brazil choosers online who just do cut backs with Messi, Henry etc. So it gave me enormous pleasure when I chose Galatasaray against Barca online. 87th minute and I'd held it at 0-0 against a player 2 divisions higher.

Messi was through on goal, one-on-one. My keeper scrambles at Messi's feet and takes the ball. He gets up and kicks it upfield. My SS drops deep and flicks on the kick at the halfway line. The ball runs diagonally inbetween Puyol and Milito with my Galatasaray striker bearing down on it and I hit it first time from about 30 yards and it cracks off the bar in the top corner and rustles in teh back of the net.

Full time whistles blows seconds later and I win 1-0. That was my favourite ever goal.

However, I generally prefer differing goals. By that I mean ones you don't score usually. Like good passing moves finised with a cracking finish or a cross from out wide and then a flying volley from outside the box flies into the top corner.


Registered User
I like the placed goals where the keeper jumps with his entire strenght, but barely misses the ball. Lobs, into the corner, ...
I especially like them, when you've only had a split second to decided how to shoot.