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Favourite Kind Of Goal?


Registered User
Was just wondering what kind of goals give people the most pleasure?

25 yard screamers, Header's, long passing moves, volleys, freekicks?

For me it's a neat finish into the corner after a quick passing move between three or four player's. :w00t

The type of goals that give me the least pleasure are the tap ins after a keeper fumbles. :realmad: I almost don't want to score them!


Registered User
I'm same!! I love a 35yd screamer but a good passing move is my fav way to score. Scored a fair few scrappy tap ins though.

el croz

Registered User
I'll take what I can get!

That said it is nice when a player scores, who is not a usual goal scorer.

I use Newcastle 99.9% of the time, so if say, Nicky Butt or Habib Beye score -
"It gives me a sense of enormous well-being".

(Find the song lyric for a virtual brownie points.)


Registered User
I prefer a teamworked goal. Soem double passes, then a long pass with L1 and triangle with stirkier ending up in fron tof goal, then a neat curly finish in the net. Awesome.

Dale C.

Registered User
Fuck teamwork,

A dazzling run throug the defense, a few circles around the goalkeeper, before chipping him with Square + R1....

Or more seriously....Off a corner when the ball gets headed out, and theres a player standing on the edge of the box...and the ball lands so sweetly for him...You know the rest :smug:


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mine as got to be the team goals were the sprint button isnt used ,,just passes carving through the opposition barca most prob:lol::lol::w00t


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my fav

Oh I love the dicing headers, or when I cross it in from wide and get my toe to it and see it just scrape past the keeper. When playing against friends the scrappier the goal the better, love to see them freak out. I am best at scoring from headers and from crosses, my personal speciality


Registered User
Exquisite Chips :)
Teamwork goals are always a pleasure to score, especially if its a classy finish.
But nothing is better than a chip from the edge of the box that just dips in over the keeper, i seem to only be able to do it with rooney though.


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My favorite goal ever was during a training match in BAL. I got a rebound off the keeper directly in front of goal, but defenders were closing in on me so I tapped the ball backwards towards my own goal and then hit shoot. What happened next was a thing of beauty, especially considering my horrendous shooting skills. My player jumps to the other side of the ball and simultaneously lobs it up, slowly flying over both defenders and managing to beat the keeper. Ball hits the corner of the post and goes into goal. Beautiful.

The runner up is a pass to me that (since, with shit skills, I suck at trapping) bounces up off my foot when I trap it, and then while it's in the air I take a shot as if it were a volley. More cool than beautiful.


Registered User

But only after 10 virtual minutes of holding the ball up, twisting and turning with Messi inside the penalty box waiting for the AI to present the magic sweet spots for this classy top drawer finish to be executed.

A keeper fumble from a pass back comes a close second though. (U know, the ones where a simple pass back just bounces of the keepers legs when he goes to kick it)


Registered User
30 Yard screamer in the 7th minute of stoppage time to win the game. Mind, free kicks are very enjoyyable aswell, same with Lob over the keeper from the edge of the box following some brilliant build-up play (best goal I've scored in BAL)


Registered User
screamers all the way!! oh and free kicks, put a beautiful curl on the ball, clear the wall, and let the ball do the rest!