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Favourite player of all PES series ?


Registered User
Post up your favourite player from all of the pes games here!

I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place.

Its got to be De Silva from ISS evoloution 1 and 2. He was the right midfielder for the default ML team. He stayed in my team all the way through. It just dont get any better than him.


who cares? hes unstopable and alwasy has been and this is about favourite player not the best


PESInsight Legend
Nakata is a great choice form earlier games. Battistuta as well was awesome.


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i think in pes6 its henry...his runs are beautifull and his goals are stunning.
i think my overall favorite is ibrahimovic, great player:)


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Shevchenko in the ISS games - every time he had the ball near the goal, he scored. It was incredible.

Overall favourite though? The PES4 Baumjohann.

the skull65

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ok ... i will choose to players one from earlier versions and one in the new genration

Emboma : he is the best striker in WE 3 and the earlier versions

C.Ronaldo : Goooooooooood ... i cant make a ML team with out him he is the best dribbler ... and the best hard angle shooter ... simply the best


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Good call on M'boma.. Batistuta too.

Henry is very good on this one, yeah..

From the recent ones, Heitinga, Wes Sneijder and Fernando Torres are players I alwas buy in Master league, always great players, versatilie, great stat but perform even better than their stats suggest.


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Jairzinho - the guy with the retro affro from classic Brazil,
bullet shot, quick, great dribbler, passing, crossing - plus he looks the part.