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Favourite player of all PES series ?


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From the whole series from day 1

My fav all time player was 'Jergen' of Holland in ISS on SNES. very limited on stamina but all other stats were through the roof......great for bringing on at half time.

From the more recent PES series overall my fav player has been Van Nistlerooy probably mostly due to the fact that up until PES5, I have always chose Holland as my international team of choice and good old Aragon, Trad Bricks, Man Red, and Man Utd as my club team of choice. Funnily enough, I am now palying online mostly with Real Madrid.


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classic club teams

:erm: can anyone get a list of all the classic and unlockable players in pes6, with the clubs they played for, i want to make classic club teams.


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:erm: can anyone get a list of all the classic and unlockable players in pes6, with the clubs they played for, i want to make classic club teams.

wrong place mate this thread is for you to post up your favourite player of all time not requests, try looking in the editing section


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Batistuta in the early PES games - his stats were amazing.

But if we're going back to the old ISS games, then it has to be the infamous Ronarid (aka Ronaldo). No one could touch him in ISS Pro 98. ;)


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from the older PES's shevchenko, but pes id say my fave atm is ronaldinho, slick dribble and a nice shot, but i agree adriano power shots are unstoppable and henry, well we all know about him


Shecchenko, Batistuta, Nedved, Rosicky, Jarni (ISS 98, the Croatian and Yugoslavian teams back then were awsome), Mahdavikia, Luis Hernandes - are the first few that come to mind.

I remember there being an Argentine player in the first ISS. I think it was Redondo or something - obviously not the real Redondo. There was also a Guillit and Robert Baggio look-a-likes in ISS who were great. :)


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Orlando in the last one. He was an AMF but I used him as a CF. Incredible stats once you got him built up.

I always have to have Torres in my team finisher in the game.

As for the classic players it just does not get any better than Pele and Maradonna, up front, unstoppable.


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i remember da silva in iss evolution the man with the red boots then when it went to the ps2 he changed to Espinas....not as good as the orgional article :)