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Fifa 09

Disco Pants

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What happens if you have a power cut whilst downloading the latest system settings thingy? that would be more worrying

Lörd TH

Registered User
Haha bastard.

Boca are shit :(

I wanna change teams haha :lol:

Everyone is 4 1/2 star teams, I thought it had to be 4 and lower.


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Me and Rossy had a great game, I thought :lol:

Results from the first fixture;

Olympique Lyonnais (Rossy Boy) 2 vs 2 Villarreal CF (nickpring)
Scorers - Abdul Keita, Benzema; Nihat, Rossi

Boca Juniours (ThierryHenry14) 0 vs 2 Atletico Madrid (NikWebb)
Scorers - Forlan 2


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Good game Nick, you like that goal :lol:

My god, you got lucky with that, :lol:.

Twas a good game though, much better than last nights.

Second match results;

Villarreal (nickpring) 0 vs 1 Boca Jnrs (ThierryHenry14)
Scorers - Godin Sent Off - Palacio

Atletico Madrid (NikWebb) 5 vs 1 Olympique Lyonnais (Rossy Boy)
Scorers - Kun Aguero 2, Forlan 2, Maniche - Juninho.

Third game;

nickpring vs NikWebb
TH14 vs Rossy Boy

Lörd TH

Registered User
Tight game Rossy.

Thierryhenry14(Boca Juniours) 2-0 Rossyboy(Lyon)

EDIT: Im coming off aswell.