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G.T.M Pro World pes 2011 OF (PS3/UK)


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Just downloaded the file :D Cheers again GLEN and MM.

I haven't got time to copy over all the files to my PS3 till later (when the Mrs goes to bed), and just have a quick question.
I was just looking through all the files on my USB stick, and noticed that there was a thumbnail of Fratton park near the bottom of all the files Then it has loads of stadium edited data at the top.

Are there other stadiums in there?

How come Fratton park is the only one with a picture?

Not the end of the world, cos' I'll find out later, but it was just bugging me.


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Copying furiously at the moment. I think there's more stadiums in it.. can't be certain though, haven't seen anymore thumbnails. A question on that.. Will stadiums on the OF be already in the game and assigned to teams after I'm done copying, or will we have to import them in the edit menu?


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Just so you all know, there is none of my work in the original file your downloading which will be 1.0, I will be updating this file from now! which will be an update 1.1, future updates I would imagine will be handled the old way, Glen decided he just wanted it out there, as he was getting so much stick!!!

I will now continue work on the file and hand back to glen to release the 1.1 version...... out soon ;)


Rick Eight

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Mighty mag, does that mean no stats for championship team?

And could anyone upload it to a different file sharing site and post the link. Megauploads is saying too much user activity from my ip for some reason!


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I haven't used a PS3 option file before so i've got two questions:

1) Do I copy the files to Saved Data Utility (PS3), Game Data Utility or something else?

2) Is there a System Data file and do i copy that as well?

Pompey Fan

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MM, this won't mess up the edit data or ML will it?
As i've been doing my own faces and stats ready for my first ML on PES 2011 :)


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hey glen do u need 2 unlock the players in pes shop and re-download the edit data so german players etc will b added or have u just created them all already??????????