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G.T.M Pro World pes 2011 OF (PS3/UK)


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Excellent OF Glen, I installed it and copied everything over all my old OF’s, and everything works perfectly, and it’s excellent, thank you so much for your hard work, it’s much appreciated.


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Hi, i have tried the ssl. instead of www. but i get the some result would it be possible Glen to upload it in rapidshare on your site please


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Might be a stupid question but I havent had a copy of PES for 2 years.

Anyways... is there a way to transfer all the files to the PS3 without having to do them 1by1?

thanks in advance.


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unfortunately, you have to do them 1 by 1

tedious the first time, but every addition to the option file is much smaller, so the first time will take the longest.


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this is separate question from this OF, but does anyone know how to get around the limited number of slots available (48) to upload emblems to the game? so far i have a file which gives me bundesliga and prem emblems, but want to add championship, however ive run out of slots!! help!! cheers


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Hi Glen, great option file again. Just letting you know a few bits for the next update you do. Darius Vassell has joined Leicester City, so would good if he was added to the team? Would also be a good idea if someone created a generic Walkers Stadium, as this would also make a good home ground for the likes of Derby and Stoke also, as they are all very similar design. Also noticed playing against Germany last night that one of their players had no face design with the white writing across it? Keep up the superb editing. As you can see, there are more dedicated fans of your work than the odd idiot that moans!


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I've found a few more players that could be added to the next update if possible :

Add Mark Bunn of Blackburn, GK, ENG, No.13
Add Josh Morris of Blackburm, DF, ENG, No.33
Add David Davis of Wolves, MF, ENG No.37
Add Daniel Johnson of Aston Villa, MF, ENG, No.35
Add Håvard Nordtveit of Arsenal, DF, NOR, No.50
Add Ole Soderberg of Newcastle, GK, SWE, No.33
Add Akwasi Asante of Birmingham, FW, GHA, No.30
Add Nathan Redmond of Birmingham, MF, ENG, No.27
Add Sam Mantom of West Brom, MF, ENG, No.27
Add Ravel Morrisson of Man Utd. MF, ENG, No.49

There are 2 Greg Halfords in the game 1 at Wolves, and 1 at Portsmouth, 1 of these needs to be removed.

The Portsmouth starting 11 needs to be set up as when I looked, Flahavan was up front.


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:lol: thanks for such an awesome file now i can play master league as it should be played keep up the good work guys..


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One more update, Jose Enrique of Newcastle should have his name on his shirt as "JOSE ENRIQUE", not "ENRIQUE".

Pompey Fan

Registered User
MM, any ideas when the 1.1 will be out to download?

Also, chuck that Utaka scan you done in with those i've requested for pompey. Maybe even Joel Ward if you can (y)


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hai GTM saya harap anda mau buat OF untuk BLES-21 di negaraku Indonesia hampir semua pakai BLES-21. kenapa pertama download BLES-21 tapi sekarang kok jadi BLES-20?....

Rick Eight

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Are you guys planning on adding kits for the classic teams for the next update? And if so what kits are you planning on using? England Euro 98 would be nice.

Pompey Fan

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No rush guys... Do you know when the 1.1 will be released?

Just do want to do my stats and start a ML if this is going to come out a little while later. Haven't started a ML at all on PES 2011, and I've had it from day one. :(

Keep up the good work.


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There's a lot of BLES-21 OF's in the previous page, why don't you check them out to see if there's one you like?


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Downloaded on release day, and just finished copying to the PS3. That took some time.

Just kidding on the amount of time it took, it was well worth it. Big thanks to G.T.M. for the time it took to come up with this monster of an option file.