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Gamertag/ID: d_souljah

Console: PS3

Online Compatible Games: COD3, NBA2K7, Fight Night3, FIFA08

feel free to add. i'll post my 360 one later


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Gamertag/ID: Desijut

Console: PS3

Online Compatible Games: Fight Night Round 3, Motorstorm, Pes 2008


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Console: PS3
Online Games: PES 2008 (In the next few weeks), FIFA 08, Call of Duty 4, Unreal Tournament 3, Rainbow Six Vegas, RFOM, NBA 2K8, College Hoops 2K8, NHL 08, APF 2K8, Madden 08, NCAA 08, Tiger Woods 08, Motorstorm, and a few others


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ps3 gamertag


gamertag = dannyagudelo

pes2008- cant download the update so cant play online yet
call of duty 4
def jam icon


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Gamertag/ID: Berry-94

Console: PS3

Online Games: Call of Duty: World at War, Need For Speed Undercover, Fifa 09, Beijing, Call of Duty 4, FIFA 08, Resistance: Fall of Man & F1 C.E

Feel free to add me guys :cool:


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Console: PS3

Online Compatible Games: Motorstorm, Fight Night, PES 2008, SD vs Raw 2008, Nhl 2k8, Fifa 08

Eric Clyde

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My gamertags.

X360: ClydeFrog50

Note: My Xbox Live month trial ran out and haven't got it set up again although I plan to in the future.

I also have a PS3 but I haven't got my gamertag sorted out for that yet and if any others with a Wii then I could post my Wii friend code but would need to find it first. :p


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Gamertag/ID: ficklered

Console: same ID for both Xbox360 & PS3

Online Compatible Games:
PS3 = R:FOM / Motorstorm/ NFS:pS / GHIII / Lost Planet (still in wrapper...:huh: ) / Star Wars - complete saga / Untold Kingdoms / Rainbow 6 Vegas. Still no headset at present.

360 = GTA IV / Forza 2 / Farcry / Test Drive

pes guy

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Gamertag/ID: pesguyakasamsam

Console: PS3

Online Compatible Games: Fight Night round 3 and pro evolution soccer 2008


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Gamertag: LorenzoMuse

Console: XBox 360

Online games: PES2008, Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, FIFA 08, Forza 2, Ace Combat 6.

Only really play COD4, PES, AC6 and Halo online.