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GTA IV Official Thread - not that it needs one now there is an entire section


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Yeah that whole going to the gym thing got boring very quickly in San Andreas.

As good as Call of Duty is (and I think it's one of the best next-gen titles to date) I have a sneaky feeling this will blow all else out the water.
The thing is with GTA, it's the one game franchise above all else that I know will always deliver, I'm always confident of that.


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Confirmed Stations

Confirmed Songs
"Sorrow Tears and Blood" by Fela Kuti
"Arm In Arm (Shy Child Mix)" by The Boggs
"Pruitt-Igoe theme" by Phillip Glass
"Sucker M.C.'S" by Run-DMC
"King Ring" by Seryoga
'Ven Bailalo (Reggaeton Version)' by Angel y Khris
'Bump And Grind' by R Kelly

Rumoured Songs [Not-Confirmed]
"Restless" by UNKLE (feat. Josh Homme)
"Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani
"They Say Vision" by Res
"You" by Raheem Devaughn
"Junior Kickstart" by The Go! Team
"Burn It All Down" by VHS or Beta
"Cocaine" by Humble Pie
"sh*t Is Real, Pt. III" by Fat Joe
"How About Some Hardcore" by M.O.P.
“Downtown Swinger” by M.O.P.
'One Vision' by Queen
'Because of You (Remix)' by Ne-Yo


Still, there's bound to be much, much better songs included. I thoroughly expect to see Beastie Boys, The Ramones and a whole host of 80s pop. :smug:


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I'm looking forward to seeing what the pick for the Rock/Metal station, hopefully a classic 80's Rock/Metal station, which will rival VRock on Vice City!

Lörd TH

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you can get a custom playlist similar to the thing they had in Saints Row but I prefer the radio stations especially in GTA..


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I've really started to wank over this game, especially when I heard things like this:

1) You can drop grenades out of your car while being chased
2) Trucks can spill their loads, like barrels and logs, across the roads
3) If you're in a police car you can call for back-up


Sin City
I've got 70 quid tucked away as i'm going to buy the Special Edition of this game. I can't wait for it.

Game will just own, to put it simply.