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GTA: San Andreas


Calcio Agriculturus
Original? said:
The missions are boring and repetetive and have been for the last few games, they require nlittle to no skill so I don't enjoy it.

Thats your opinion, fair enough. But, i disagree completely. If you find GTA boring then surely you are bored with gaming full-stop. All games have an element of repetition, even pro evo to an extent - it will never change, but to say GTA is boring and repetitive is total rubbish. I think you are just stirring up an argument for the sake of it.


Registered User
GTA tend to be quite easy mission-wise.....although the freedom you have to do and go whatever and whenever you want is superb.

I hope that for the next GTA, that all islands/cities can be visited from the start, that would make it a bit more fun and realistic.


The beautiful game
I Wouldnt like that i prefer to work your way through the game and explore certain parts while doing missions, bring back liberty city!. I Hope theres-

Better soundtrack.
Smoother graphics.
More shops.
More weather condtions.


They're bringing out a game about Liberty City for the PSP, if it's supposed to be as good as a ps2 the game could be good.

No real details out about it yet though.

Ronaldo 9

R9 - All About Scoring
Some say liberty city is the best from GTA, maybe because the missions were very exciting and stuff like those, but I personnaly think San Andreas beat them all.


Super Moderator
Singh said:
More weather condtions.

After the exploration on San Andreas of going back to Liberty City where it was snowing (and may I say looked marvellous) I wouldn't rule new weather conditions out.


In the US today, in the UK on Friday. Australia? Don't know. Have pre-ordered mine which will arrive on Thursday.


I'm planning on weeks of World of WarCraft and San Andreas to help me through football's summe. Oh, and work.......


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I desperately need some help!!! I am at 99,47% in progress and the only thing remaining is to find Euros so i can export it at San Fierro docks. I am trying to find it since November but nothing happened. Is there any place that can be found? For example, there is a Super GT outside the driving school of San Fierro. Or a Banshee a couple of blocks western. I would really appreciate it, if you could help me! Thank you very much!

Ronaldo 9

R9 - All About Scoring
Yea that song is nice, most of the songs there are. does anyone knows a site gives you a free downloadin of'em?


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Rangers_Fureva you fucking annoy the shit out of me, why the hell can't you type like normal people instead of like a retard,

just fot ad express tht :) :)