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Images question


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@philips_99 and whoever other may know of course, may I ask you. I created a kit in pes master and I edited a little bit on paint.Net, 2048x2048, then imported to PS4 as small kit. On my PC it looks great, on ps4 there are some pixels generated around the logos. I checked again on PC the image with zoom in, to scan for random pixels that are not visible on normal scale, but everything is clear aroun the logo. Below one image taken from my PC and one second taken from my TV screen.

EDIT: it doesn't allow me to upload the imagesfrom my mobile phone cause 5mb each! Reworked, i hope it is visible.


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My kits suffer from this as well, it's an issue that has been around since PES 2018 (or 2017? I don't remember). I think it is a problem with PES itself (I noticed those pixels even on PES logo at the loading screen, if you stand close to the TV maybe you see, I don't know if it's on all TVs though). I don't know if there's a way to fix because I tried several things in the past and none of them worked.