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importing music


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hi can anyone please help icant for the life of me work out how to get my music in to the game i have created the konami folder put my music in to it which is mp3 format gone in to the gallery section but just cant seem to change the mp3 screen can anyone please help


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Hi Mate

I am having the Same problem!

Put 8 Tracks into a Playlist called KONAMI_PES and put album as KONAMI_PES and when i go onto the MP3 section on playlist editor the aren't any in the List?

Somebody HELP


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PS3 puts a space after the name of your playlist, make sure to go back and delete. I have 40 tracks in my playlist - pure class!


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Ok, here goes.

Make a folder in your USB Flash Drive called "Music", now....

Put your songs that you want into that specific folder, I don't know if it has to be 10 or more, but I don't think so..

Next put the USB flash drive into the PS3...

Now go to the music section, it may display 2 USB go to the first one and then don't press X but Trianlge, this displays all the files on your USB. (if it doesn't come up then go to the next USB that is displayed.)

Next Go to the the "music" folder that you have created and you will see a list of all the tracks that you have put into it.

Instead of copying the tracks 1 by 1 you should just copy the whole folder. The Ps3 will copy the tracks itself within the folder.

Now that the tracks are on your PS3, you have to create a Folder in the "Playlist" section called KONAMI_PES - make sure that it is exactly like that and that there is no space after. When you type KONAMI_PES and then enter it automatically produces and space just press Square (which is the delete button) and then enter again.

Now that file is created go to it and press edit or triangle to go to edit.

Next you will get a screen that allows you to copy the tracks you have on your PS3 to the KONAMI_PES folder all you have to do is select the tracks and press X and it automatically copies itself.

Now that you have the tracks in the folder, go to the game and then Gallery and then press R1 or L1 to go sideways until you coem to the "MP3 Library" section, now follow what it says on screen like press the tracks and then one of the buttons to add. and there you have it.

If you have any problems then just let me know!!
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Right all that was helpful.
I did this and all 14 of the mp3's appear on the mp3 section in gallery. All well and good. However when the game attempts to play them there is no sound and it just tries to skip onto the next song. And it does this with all of the mp3's I put on there.
I read somewhere that the fact that there are unreckonised characters in the title my be a problem, so I got rid of numbers and punctuation etc in the song file info. and it still doesn't work
Im stumped....any ideas?


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and i tried uploading straight from cd and the game doesnt recognise aac sound files
i dont understand why the game recognises my mp3 files and it wont play them
any one any ideas at?? its doin my head in...