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Improvements/ Things You Want Added To PES 2011


Some of these new ideas/suggestions I've read here are some of the most inane irrelevant moronic adds on that I hope Konami doesnt take seriously. New balls, boots, nets, camera angles,logos and worst of all the ability to play as referre are all utter tripe that doesnt improve the game. If you want fancy looking presentations piss off to Fifa and dont come back requesting further adaptations from that gimmick of a game. They need to fix the current refs first before even thinking of letting you control the ability to play as one as we wont be calling for pens

Its bloody kids stuff your all asking for which only holds the game back and to be honest those of you requesting for these kind of changes need to stfu if you havnt got anything orginal to add. Now let me make some real suggestions that will actually have an effect and improve the goddamn game

In game match changes

- Ok first of all fix the stupid ass referess and make them call a foul a foul and let play on when its simply jostling where a player has simply outstrengthed another- if a player makes a foul make the ref give him a clear warning for first offence like they did with pes5 and if the same player does a foul again book him instead of having them give straight red or yellow for first offences, and maybe have a marker on the player indicating he has been warned

- Call for penalties obviously but also have questionable ones where its in doubt and the referee signals the player to get up and waves play on

- Bring back handballs so its realistic, there are too many times the ball clearly hits the players hand and is not a glitch but blatant handball but nothing is called because the rule is not implemented which is unrealistic

- The goalkeepers need to have their own unique style of player or individuality like out field players and there should be better animation throughout the match that represents this, for example them constantly calling out to the defense, waving thier arms signally to players during freekicks to give more space, or showing one trying to psyche out the player during 1 on 1s just observe Peter Schmeichel in his heyday

- More realistic and variety of on field injuries indicating different areas such as facial, hamstring foot or leg. And if a player is injured and comes back on the field he should be limping holding his leg groin or whatever not just simply operating at a slower pace.

- Players collison animation more jostling clearer shirt pulling animation. Clearer empathsis on height and weight to who is more likely going to win a battle. Add accidental elbows when players are jumpng up in the air for a challenge, which can result in facial injuries to the player like in real life

- Different type of tackles which could involve the dreaded two footed lunge which can be high risk with a likelihood of getting directly sent off or increasing the likelyhood of serious injury to opponent. Or be implemented when there is 50/50 and two players lunge in to fight for the ball

Better diving options besides just falling to the fall there should be the option of the player falling down as if he has been hit in the face. Obviously thats not mandatory

- Better crowd effect for home and away teams, crowd should have more of impact on the team e.g home team getting more revved up when the crowd are making more noise, tanacity and aggression will come into play more with certain players who have a higher statistic in that area. On the other side of the coin the away team can be booed jeered at cirtain occasions throughout the match when they make a touch of the ball like in real life and whistling towards the end of the match when edges closer to final whistle. If a player on the away team makes a bad foul he can be booed for the rest of the match.

- Staminia coming into player which konami have confirmed are working on, where players should show clear sides of exhaustion where they dont look like they are able to run the whole match as if they have taken speed. Extra animations can come into play where a player just gives up chasing the ball instead holding his knees in exhuastion or breathing heavily wiping his forehead as if there is sweat

Master League

Improve notiogations player should havea choice depending on the length of period they choose to loan a player out, with choice to a permenant transfer sell or buy at end of the deal. Also clauses where the player cannot play against his club while out on loan like in REAL football land

Bring back swap deals

Players getting injured while on national duty

Improve trophy celebrations once winning competiton show the damn players actually lifting the cup instead of just showing them in dressing room.

Have press conferences after signing players like they had in 09.

Have rumours regarding players leaving or clubs unsettling player

Have the ability to change managering a team by recieving managerial offers to take over another club

Bring back Master league record history of total goals etc

Tell us why a transfer falls through, is it the contract, the bid not high enough rather than a picture of some fuckig scout that in real life has no business dealing with contracts negotiations telling me that it has simply broken down.

Have unlimited about of scouted players - More info on the player that is scouted, maybe the player having a favourite club or dislike to certain conditions etc

Bring back training mode inside master league

Improve youth team system where you actually have choice to demote aswell as promote from reverses.

Get rid of the ridiculous super young players that come through the youth team system that are already up to 90+ and already better than senior players without even having any experience

Training mode

Improve tutorial have a walk through one instead of just a page of command list

Bring back scanario mode through you go through a variaty of training challenges etc

Those are real improvements that will have a an positive affect on the game instead of the spasticated suggestions of making sure Torres has his freckles and some other players latest haircut and markers on his boots. Stop suggesting this tripe as Konami will gladly answer to your inane wishes because there is not much work involved to do those kind of stupid adjustments.


New Member
1-i really beleive that adding some of the leagues"B" teams will be very interesting,i mean that when a team falls to a league"b" another team must go up to league "A"
for e.g. if tenerife got the last rank in la liga a team like celtafigo should get to hte la liga and so...
2-why not trying to create two players system in become a legend and master league?? it will be perfect that somebody is playing with his brother with two different players
3-transfers and earnings should be with money($for example) not with points
4-last one and i think it is really important that games against com should be more tough and difficult so please add one or two other difficulty levels


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It's been a long time since I've contributed around here, but I just feel the need to put my two cents in on what the new PES needs.

A lot of my ideas revolve around one key issue that NEEDS to be fixed, and that is to make the game realistic again. For the past couple of years, the series has been dangerously flirting to cross the line from a simulation gameplay into an arcade style.

First and foremost...fix the defense. Make the keepers be able to make fantastic saves and actually HOLD onto the ball. Second, fix the AI defenders to make them defend more efficiently.

Second, the team style slider options are very nice, and the player card system is ok too, but there needs to be more tactical options. For example, sometimes I like to play with 2 forwards up front, and have one of them check back to the ball. When they check back, they can hold up the ball, and players run in behind, etc. With the old PES games, you could do that, through the use of the individual attack arrows, now there is no way (at least that I know of) to do that.

Third, I would really like to see the Challenge mode in training come back. Those mini games were very addictive and really helped improve your skills.

I could go on, but ultimately everything I would bring up would have to do with returning to the sim roots of the game. To me, FIFA has always been the arcadey soccer game and WE/PES was the game for people who actually understood the sport. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that this years PES will be a step towards realism in the series.


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Here's what I think needs to happen,

1)First I would like to see a new change in the referee, He needs to play advantage,I get fouled but lets say the ball rebounds and then goes to another player of mine instead of letting the play go on he will blow for a foul but I can be on the counter attack.

Also I feel the ref is unfair, the slightest nudge or out muscle on the other team he blows for a free kick, plus with penalties I think I have had 4 in the whole game since buying it last year, so seeing more penalty decision's go my way would be nice.

I think the ref should also let play go on when say you go to pass the ball to a player in a offside position but the other team intercepts play should go on instead of the ref blowing for a free kick..this is not always the case but happens majority of the time.

2)I would like to see new commentators or if not a revamp of the old commentators, it gets boring when your goal keeper makes a vital finger tip safe and all you hear is 'THE GOALKEEPER MADE A REAL MESS OF THAT' or when your like a inch away from hitting the post he says 'THAT WAS CLOSER TO THE CORNER FLAG', Its not realistic to me and this is what I hate most about PES 2010 and the older versions.

3)Penalties...what have they done to the penalties this year. I would like to see a player view of penalties like in 2009, also I have noticed that a lot of players seem to go straight down the middle would like too see them going in the top corner etc... dont think I have lost a penalty shoot out to date.

4) I would like to see a in door pitch, would b very good to play a friend on and a good laugh.

Joey Tribbiani

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Aside from the necessary gameplay changes and animation upgrades, i'd like to see the structure of Master League revamped.

I'd like to see something like this:

League A 1 - League A 2 (e.g. Premiership, Championship)
League B 1 - League B 2 (e.g. Primera Divison, Segunda Divison)
League C 1 - League C 2 (e.g. Serie A, Serie B)
League D 1 - League D 2 (e.g. Ligue 1, Ligue 2)


League A (Elite Teams)
League B (Europa League type teams)
League C (Mid-table teams from their respective divisions)
League D (Teams who struggle near the bottom of their domestic leagues)

Konami should decide whether they want 4 domestic leagues (Premiership, Primera Division, Serie A, Ligue 1) with the 2nd Tier for each of these leagues (Championship, Segunda Division, Serie B, Ligue 2) with the relevant teams progressing to the Champions League. Also the Cup would involve teams from their own two league system.

Or, 4 mixed leagues with League A being for the Worlds elite (Man Utd, Barcelona, Inter Milan), League B being for Europa League type teams (Aston Villa, Valencia, Sampdoria) and so forth with there being just the 4/5/6 leagues all linking to each-other thus removing the need for the Champions League as League A sort of replaces it. The Cup would involve all teams from all 4 leagues, replicating the FA Cup.

I'd prefer the former as that is the closest we could hope to get to a realistic manager mode, although it would require far more new teams to be created but would provide added realism.

Whichever one of those is implemented would be better than having 4 leagues, plus a division 2, which means that you have foreign teams participating in a particular domestic league.


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More germany, japan and brazil league like santos, flamingo, bayern munich, urawa red diamond and more..

More and Correct basically youngster like neymar, ozil, elia, bolzoni and more...

Training challengers and World tour..

No blind referees... foals are given fairly and correctly...

Master League... trade players, choose sponsors..

Edit Mode.... Create boots, more hairstyle, tattoos, body under armor...

Players and legends has correct faces...

More License jerseys... for both country and club...

If most of this wish comes true, it will be the best pes/winning eleven.... keep up the gd work.. can't wait..:w00t :w00t

Die Hard Pes Fan

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More germany, japan and brazil league like santos, flamingo, bayern munich, urawa red diamond and more..

Edit Mode.... Create boots

I don't know if you know this but the Copa De Luberados (sp) is licensed so teams from Brazil should be in.

I don't neccessarily want created boots but rather licensed boots where you can change the colour.

I also feel more national teams need to be licensed: Slovakia, Mexico, Uraguay etc.


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- Full manual passing, I have been saying this since pes 2008 and it looks like they are finally implementing it, I enjoy using the right stick to pass but it can be very awkward.

- Less automated shooting. I love the shooting in pes but at times there is not enough room for error, I dont want them to mess it with it to much.

- 360 movement, it was insulting to bullshit us this year. The passing and dribbling will be vastly improved if implemented

- More first touch options.

- Stop with the scripting, fifa 10 is terrible for this. It makes the game feel cheap at times.

There is much more i could say but these are the main points at the moment


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One major improvement for me would be the way in which DLC is delivered. I find it quite frustrating that when I have the game edited and names corrected and kits sorted that they bring out DLC. For anyone with OCD this can be a nightmare!!!