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Improvements/ Things You Want Added To PES 2011

Die Hard Pes Fan

Registered User
It is abit early I know, but the sooner we have one of these the better, as Konami have more time to impliment them into it.

Heres a few I prepared earlier lol.
1) In Master League you should be able to recall loaned out players.

2) Increased intensity, atmosphere and tackles/ more physical in derby matches.

3) Again, 3 kits per club, and be able to mix and match them, like home shirt, away shorts, 3rd socks. Like Manchester United.

4) Customable accesories eg. goalkeeper gloves, change colour etc.

5) Create- footballs, training kit and stadiums.

6) Become A Manager

7) Underarmor- lots of players wear it!

8) Have something (like League C) for National Teams.

9) Some goalkeepers were goalkeeping trousers eg Helton from Porto. But make them even more popular in winter periods, but not every keeper!

10) Indoor 5-a side training pitch.

11) Different tape lengths- eg.
one band (like tape already) eg. Rooney
average size eg. Torres
long eg. Adebayor

12) More animations eg.
walking out of the tunnel
manager handshakes, before and after match
at half time, see players talking to each other and congratulate players that score
after the game see players swaping shirts/ shaking hands

13) In Edit Mode it would be good if for a un registered team, you could use the kit design of another registered team, but remove the bade, sponsors etc. But you should be able to change the colour, names/ numbers etc. I noticed that some teams have the same design as Fulham so it would be good if you could select that kit as a template for Fulhams kit, they could do something like this:

Edit Mode == Teams == Edit Team == (Select Team) == Create from Scratch/ Get Design From Other Team == (Select Team) == Home or Away Kit (One you want) then you should be able to edit the colours, name, numbers etc.

Let me know what you think of mine (esp last one), and list your own too.


Registered User
"11) Different tape lengths- eg. "

If Konami can't release a footie game with decent AI, animations and goalies, there's no way they'll spend the extra time doing stuff like this.


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There is already an entire discussion forum for exactly this sort of thing. Why would you make ANOTHER fucking thread? I'm sure there are already 3-4 floating around this particular forum right.


There is already an entire discussion forum for exactly this sort of thing. Why would you make ANOTHER fucking thread? I'm sure there are already 3-4 floating around this particular forum right.

Why would you be so _fucking_ rude? Couldn't you just say that it politely, and move on?


Registered User
A few things of the top of my head:

-Better keepers
-Better referees
-Less predictable AI
-Bring back the old penalty system
-Better gameplay obviously
-More control over ML transfers
-Animations that don't look like they come straight from the year 2002
-This isn't very important, but a better English commentary is definitely welcomed, the commentary is repetitive as hell


Registered User
I wouldnt mind if all the modes remained the same this year so long as we get revamped gameplay. More stadia is a must along with the introduction of senario mode and pes shop.



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A few things need to be add for the next pes2011!!!!!

1.Let make the game very hard than TOP PLAYER
2.Full licensed for all clubs ( EPL,BUNDESLIGA,SERIA B and etc )
3.Improved gameplay and changed commentary voice n words ;)


Registered User
1 better game play
2 better animations
3 better online
4 get rid of bal & player cards like pokemon
5 more stadiums
6 the ability to choose kits and referee kit
7 more atmospheric crowds prefferable with chants relating to the club or country your playing with
8 multi player masterleague
9 the ability to set up cups and leagues online
10 better coalkeepers
11 the ability when you win a cup ,to see all the goals you scored in that competition
12 the game properly tested


Registered User
Nevermind all this






Don't even bother releasing another pro evo if it's a piece of shit like this one.

Basically go back to 6 - and just improve the graphics, add tricks and improve physics.


bridport bee

Registered User
The short pass button is used when you are not on the ball to make a first time pass, and also to cancel a pass, but it can get confusing, so what i suggest is that there is some kind of indicator at the bottom of the screen that tells you wether or not the button is 'active' or not, as im fed up of kicking the ball away to no-one because i didnt realise that i had already pressed pass.

Also, if you have a player off the ball, you should be able to assign him to man mark a player if you are standing next to him. Like a defensive version of the 1-2 command.


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Just revert to the good old Pro days of the PS2! Honestly I have only played the demo of PES 10, and decided not to get it. I find myself playing the older Pro Evo's (before next-gen) and are much more fun.


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PES6 on ps2 is the best - very closely followed by PES6 on pc

I quite liked 2008 but 2009 was better

To be honest this has been the most disappointing since 5.


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I've always found pace and acceleration a real issue in the PES series. Week after week, I see players like Aaron Lennon absolutely skinning slow defenders with their pace in real life, but I've never seen that kind of effect reproduced in-game. Especially when defenders are turning once you've made a move - they accelerate too quickly for someone off balance.

Also, with chases for through balls, defenders seem almost as fast as the fastest players in the game, I want to see more of a realistic difference which will make the difference between a quick player, and a Lennon/Agbonlahor/Rooney (after the Arsenal goal I realised he was lightning)/Ronaldo etc.

The one that REALLY gets me is the slowing down of players when receiving through-balls. Taking a ball in your stride is just as important an element as dribbling, so why can't class players approach passes at proper pace instead of letting defenders catch up because of invisible controls? Just get rid annd it's something new for us to master, please. Perhaps if we had a the faster you press/the faster you go system, this would make running/dribbling and collecting passes more of a challenge.

and one final thing - pace wins too many tackles with the X button, you know when your chasing back and simply push the ball opponent off it. I want to see differing Body Balance play more of a part, maybe some arm actions to fend off weak challengers from forwards.