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ISS72's PES5 07/08 OF (Based on j708's)


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Here's my PES5 07/08 Option file.

Its based on j708's wonderful OF, (which was based on Watson's V4.0 OF) which includes 30 new teams: Club Brugge, Red Star Belgrade, Partizan, Zurich, Wisla Krakow, Dinamo Zagreb, Basel, Sparta Prague, Artmedia Bratislava, Austria Wien, Brondby, Debrecen, Salzburg and Lokomotiv Moscow who replace most of the Dutch teams. Plus it has all the newly promoted teams for the other leagues.

The big difference with my first take on his first OF was that you didn't need to use kitserver as I've created kits in game for all the new clubs and updated many many more. I've also tried to give the new clubs stadiums close to their real ones.

But now my v2 features even more up to date (in game) transfers for the English, French, German, Italian and Spanish teams, some of the other teams, plus lots of new players.

Its far from perfect, but I hope you enjoy it all the same.


Using PC...
1. Download the option file
2. Put the OF in C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 5\save\folder1
3. Make sure it's called KONAMI-WIN32PES5OPT

PS2 MAX FILE:;8497650;;/fileinfo.html

Using PS2 Max Drive...
1. Download the file
2. Plug the max drive in to the PC
3. Right click on Option File>send to Max Drive,
4. Plug max drive into USB port on PS2
5. Load up Max Drive software for PS2
6. Uncrush to memory card

Xbox winning eleven:

Although its a PC OF, you should be able to convert it for the Xbox by using Compulsion's PESFan editor 5:

Special thanks to j708 for all his hard work.
Plus Watson, Compulsion, marenaspi, Rapid Vienna, UmbroBoy, Milanista & Mike and all those who helped them.
Thanks to johnlennon696 for converting the file to the PS2.
Thanks to magnumk for converting the file to WE/xbox.


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IMPORTANT: If you downloaded my OF last night and it was showing the default lines up, please download again.

I made a small change to the file, but something must of went wrong on the hosting site as it wasn't linking to my file.

Sorry about that.


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Thank you ISS72.

Your option file is looking good.

Just wondering if j708 is doing his own update also?


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excellent work.BUT WHERE IS THE SOUND???????No commentary???


There should be commentary, there is on mine.
I wonder if it has to do with the fact I didn't bother installing any of the other languages (Other than English) on my PC version of PES5.

You could try using the pesfan editor 5:

And try converting your old file with the commentary working, to my file.


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mate this is an excellent file, been playing pes5 again and was so grateful when i saw this file, thanks again!


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mate this is an excellent file, been playing pes5 again and was so grateful when i saw this file, thanks again!

My pleasure mate. :)
Although j708 deserves a mention, my OF wouldn't of been possible
without all his hard work. ;)


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xbox 360 version

Can somenone please upload the 360 version optionfile because I don't have the XSATA but I do have the datel transfer kit.


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I have winning eleven 9 . Is there any way you can convert this file over for me please? I will be using max drive. Thanks.