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j708 pes5 OPT s07/08 -( based on Watson V4.0 of )- 30 new club teams


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Corrupt Save

I used the above technique with a USB Memory Stick and Max Drive /AR Software. This hardware worked for me when softmodding my xbox. However, I get an error when trying to load the option file saved on the stick. It says that the save has been corrupted and the data cannot be loaded.

I also tried FTPing the relevant files into the correct folder but I had no luck. Do you know why I might be getting this error and what I can do about it?


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I can't find the option file on the PC with my MaxDrive program.

I've put it into the saves folder in the original MaxDrive folder.



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can someone convert to psp

is there any way at all we could get this on the PSP. I tried to convert it but it doesn't work. Doesnt recognise the PSP option file.

Hi, I'm new to this so please be gentle.

Has anybody got a PES5 option file for the PSP with transfers updated for the current season?

If not, is it possible I can edit the PSP option file on my PC before i transfer it to the PSP? I've spent about an hour searching for something like this but with no luck so if one exists and anyone can point me towards it i'd be very grateful.

anyone up for a psp conversion yet :D
cant wait for the file, sounds great.


Finally! [Beta] psp version released!

(conversion maded for raverjoe, thanks mate!)

See 1st post.


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Don't unzip the file......

I can't find the option file on the PC with my MaxDrive program.

I've put it into the saves folder in the original MaxDrive folder.

don't unzip the file... that's where u went wrong. u can either open the maxdrive program and drag the zip file in or copy the zip file to the save folder.

i know u have unzip it cause i can see the 'UDATA' folder.that's the one.
Now all u need to do is to try again.....DON'T UNZIP THE FILE.


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Hi guys, i'm so happy to see that someone still believes in this fantastic game..i think's the best Pes ever made, so better than pes08 that seems like some kind of flipper..but i have to make you a prayer..i have not any xport so i can't put the file option into my memory card..can the creator of that amazing fo make a .bin or a cue for those like me who have the Swap magic? anyway thank you very much for your job, that's AMAZING :)

Sorry, the version i am asking for is for Ps2 :)


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Could someone please upload j708 v0.95 we9i option file for the xbox 360 because I don't have XSATA but I have the Datel Transfer Kit


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Hello guys, I have PES5 - Xbox, could someone upload option files (marenasapi of, j708 of,etc...) on the rapidshare please? I had problems with easyshare (slots closed to my country)
Thank you all


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Thank you so much for option files. I've downloaded PC version and it's working flawlessly. I am so glad to see someone is still making option files for PES5, best PES ever made! :)



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hey i was wondering if you could a make an update to this option file with the winter transfers on it?

Pro P.I.M.P

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Could someone please upload a PSV file so that I can use this on my PS3? I am sick of PES6 & PES2008 so I really want this option file to play PES5 on my PS3! Thanks!


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PES5 Optionfile - very nice

super great work
PES 5 is still played by people, who don't want to buy a slightly improved game every year. PES 5 is still great.
Thanks for the PS2 and PSP optionfile for PES5.
Appreciate it!


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I can't make the x-port file for PS2 work. Game can't find the option file. Does it work with european version of the game or am I doing something wrong? Can someone help me, please.


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quite frankly this is the worst patch for pes5 i have ever seen. The players attributes are all wrong, as are their positions. Most of the clubs are in stadia that look nothing like their own. msot of the formations are completely incorrect. The players have become unresposive and sluggish. All in all if someone is looking for a patch for pes 5, look somewhere else.

Terrible work.


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hi j708 !

At first, i 'ld like to tell u that you make a good job, u have made a incredibiles changes, good working..! i just come to discover this forum for PES. This website is very nice, cause there are a space for PES5 too.

Also, i wanted to ask you about "option file 0.95": In ur first screenshots, there are the leagues's logos. but in my game, there is nothing. Is it normal?

Sorry my english is not very good. In any case, i wait with impatience your next option file (08/09 :D).

Good working!


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i'm portuguese and i have difficulties in write english so i hope your understanding.
i need a patch for pes5 without using a max-drive or memory card
can you help me?


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Hello ,

j708 , Thanks for this great OF for PES5 , the second best football game ever , after We9. Really great work, there a lot of fans still playing PES5 and they need to use your patch , thanks a lot . Some fans are also still playing We9 ( best game ever made ) but don't have rosters up to date , so :

My question is , Is there a way to use this OF with WE9 on PS2 ( not talking about We9i or We9le, but the "real" WE9 ) ? If no , is it possible to create a We9 version , or is there a tool that convert OF ?