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[KITS] eFootball PES 2021 - Kits by Philips


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Hello and welcome to this thread!
Here I will be posting some kits I make for PES 2021.

I know I am a bit late to the party, since the new season has already started and eFootball is around the corner, but I still think these are worth sharing in case anyone else wants to use them.

Also, I'm too busy to take requests at the moment. I have multiple projects I'd like to work on and I don't have time to do your requests, sorry.

I'll be posting all the kits I show here on a Google Drive folder (link down below), it's easier for me to upload, update and manage that way, and should also be easier for you to download.

You are free to use these on your Option File within 2 conditions:

- You make no money out of your Option File. These kits are free and publicly avaiable for everyone to download, so you can only use them in a Option File that is also free for everyone to download. No adfly (or similar) links as well. Accepting donations, Patreon, etc. are fine, as long as they aren't mandatory to access your Option File.

- You credit me (philips_99). My name somewhere in your credits is enough, but if you could link to my Youtube or Twitter I'd appreciate :)

Link to my Google Drive folder:

Kit List:

Porto 2021-22

Other European Teams:
Crvena Zvezda 2020-21
LASK Linz 2020-21
Partizan 2020-21
RB Leipzig 2020-21 (4th kit)
Viktoria Plzen 2020-21
Zorya 2020-21

National Teams:
Iraq 2021
Iran 2021

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To open up this thread, here is something I've done because I couldn't find it anywhere else.

Iraq 2021-22 kits (Umbro)

You'll find the kit set (Home, Away and GK) on my Google Drive folder (link on OP)
Enjoy! :D


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Iran GK kit is now finished and available for download! Check the Drive folder to get it.

EDIT (12-10-2021): Little fix on that pattern, it extends a bit more to the sides. Should be good now!
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Could you do the 2021 -22 Premier League Watford Third Kit (green), thanks


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Porto 2021-22 Home/Away kits (New Balance)

You can already find them on my Google Drive folder! (link on OP).

EDIT 26-09-2021: added home kit
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Some months ago I made some kits for several european teams, from last season (2020-21). They were part of an idea/project I wanted to do for PES 2021 but ended up not having the time. I know these were probably more useful a while ago, but some of them are really beautiful. Even though I probably won't be using them anytime soon, perhaps you have some use for them.

So, you can now find in the Drive the (outdated, 2020-21) kits for:
- Crvena Zvezda / Red Star Belgrade
- LASK Linz
- Partizan Belgrade
- RB Leipzig (fourth kit)
- Viktoria Plzen
- Zorya


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Iraq 2021-22 Third kit

Made it according to the leaked shirt, as seen on Footyheadlines website:

Please note that we don't have any information on the shorts/socks (at least I haven't seen any pictures yet), so those might not be accurate right now. I might fix that later.

Download available on the Google Drive folder, next to the other Iraqi kits (Link on OP)


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Yo mate. In a thread, i cannot find now due to broken "search button", you talked about an image format different than png, that works better inside PES 2021. You gave a Porto Kit as an example.

I have similar issue, i've created a special kit for Paris FC for my ML, but the light blue scratch effects, in Red/Crymson body parts, inside PES 2021 game in PS4 are depicted as Glaring Red/Crymson Red in Red backgrorund, basically the image is not depicted as it is on PC.

I attach the sample format, as i am not allowed to post full kit, my original is 2048x2048 PNG.

Forget it mate just found your post! lol!! :D
CAn i save to by
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