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[KITS] Other European teams


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You can already find d zagreb and shakhtar on this forum, I'm concentrating on equiping kitless european teams. As for BATE I'm planning to do it later if no one makes it before me :)

Thanks mate, yeah I will do a bunch of more kits.
I will continue to release a new team each day until there isn't more space on my PES :0)

Sorry, I am doing the kits for me first them sharing with the community.

can you give me the link for dinamo zagreb and shaktar kits? if you know where it is,i cant find it :/


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I realy love Your kits. I like the variety:) i do miss the gk shirts. Is there a possibility that you make 3 keepershirts from Nike,Adidas and Puma? Just 3 without clublogos and sponsornames, so that i can use these on the teams you make over and over again? That would give more reality in the game. I've tried to use national gk kits, but it sucks to see The Molde team with a gk with an international shirt.
Would be great man.
Thanks in advance :)


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Mate, if you can, tell me the teams that you have in mind keep doing, to me to prepare my PES and start thinking the one's I will put in the game(I have too many kits here, I have to start doing some shit :v)


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Okay today's team is FC Midtjylland from Denmark :)


Will see once I finish all the kits I want to make first.

Ah finaly someone made midtjylland :) great kit again. And yes thanks, would be great if you could make the plain gk kits. I can wait :)