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Master league recommended players


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Abu try Ben Amos from United... has a good starting OVR value and for me in 2 seasons he has played a combined 15 games and has still gone up and increased by 6 OVR points.


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Abu try Ben Amos from United... has a good starting OVR value and for me in 2 seasons he has played a combined 15 games and has still gone up and increased by 6 OVR points.
Wow, sounds very promising - after 4 seasons on looking at different players growth curves, I never ever seen someone increase by 6 in 15 games.

I'll try to buy him at the end of the season when I secure promotion to the english league :)


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Vandebuurd isn't a name from Holland. No one in this whole country got a lastname like that, for sure.
I Hate that player and i'm glad he's now only 63 in my savegame..

Greetz from Holland :happy:

He is a player from Classic Netherlands, known as Vanenburg


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Damn, I need a cheap young goalkeeper as Lothar is out injured in my default squad for 3 months! I only have Ahmet and he has to play when he is on a purple arrow as my other keeper apart from Lothar is out on loan.

Can anyone recommend me a cheap keeper for a default team - it doesn't really need to be young?

Try Fatecha or try to sign Giefer


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I recommend as GK:
1- Kapino (17 years, 79 total)
2- Ter Stegen (19 years, 80 total)

For CB:
1- p. Jones (19, 79)
2- k. papadopoulos (19, 79)
3- Mangala (20, 82) and Hummels (22, 83)

For RB:
1- Santon(20, 83)
1- Vrsaljko (19, 77)
1- Arias (19, 77)

For CMF: of course
1- wilshere (19, 86) and
2- Tiago (20, 84) but he's now with me 20 years with total of 87

For AMF:
1- Shaqiri (19, 75): has a lot of index cards
2- P.coutinho (19, 75)
3- Gotze (19, 80) but he doesn't have index cards

As for SS:
there's only one: Neymar (18, 78), I bought him with 9.5 mil Euros and salary of 1.6 mil after a lot of negotiations but he's worth way more than that ... u have to try him


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I tried some but they rejected me.

Anyway, Neymar is 19 with a rating of 86

Most of them refused my offers to ... but I bought Neymar and P.coutinho and Thiago ... but I am in the first year in ML and Neymar is only 79 .. I duuni may be anotheer version or something

later ;)


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the best strategy is now to ride out few seasons some how, after sometimes u will have 16 years old 96 rated CB chigrat, 89 rated RB ita, retired and regenereated players like delpiero, gigs, and many more makeing an ideal team, yeah don't let shimizu go, look out for hazard

Wah Wah

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Offtopic rant:
Facepalm, guys.

1. Unlike 'buurt', 'buurd' is not a Dutch word.
2. Grouping words together is Belgian, not Dutch. Compare "van der Vaart" (Dutch) with "Vandenborre" (Belgian).

Therefore, "Vandenbuurt" is a possible last name (of Belgian origin!), but "Vandenbuurd" is not.

And mr. Boca Junior from Baltimore...

Actually I do. It is called the phone registry. See for yourself: Vandenbuurd is not in there. :innocent:

The thing is, he's a great player. If you're not pleased with his name (I'm too lazy to go back and quote the guy who complained about this), change it to Vandebuurt. Is it too hard?

On-topic: Duffy, Shimizu and Camacho are all top-notch youth team players. Others:
- Sinclair from Swansea City;
- Taarabt from Queens Park Rangers;
- Ganso and Neymar from Santos;
- There's this guy name Róbson also on Santos, he's 69 overall but I'm not sure about his age, he can run like the wind and is actually a great player, you should try him;
- Maylson, Borges and Douglas from Grêmio;
- Dario Conca and Fred from Fluminense;
- Russendall (Wondengine Town) and Gilnica (I think it's Quaztolla, not sure though): they're almost wishing to get on your team, and they can play quite well.
- Huddlestone from Tottenham: always scoring great saving goals for me.
- Cavani from Napoli.


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I'm now talking about players, buying with a team that is utter crap, like team ranking lowest and ML default players. Players I've bought in:

RB - Lala, surprisingly compact and improving RB
CB - Fideleff, simply got him for free as his contract in napoli ended, is fast CB = good.
LB - A.Sissoko (from Udinese, is very good utility player), Jokic

AMF/SMF - I'm sure there are tons of these, but I got Draxler as a bargain. And I definitely also recommend Belhanda, hes incredibly good, and I got him free, with yearly salary 300000!

SS - Magaye gueye from Everton good utility striker with potential
CF - Mlapa, Yero, especially Mlapa has good potential. Also Zarate from youth team at the beginning turns out very very good, is speed is a real asset!

EDIT: Get Belhanda, he's 92 now on RMF, has skill cards, both legs, multiple positions, Barca quality with ridiculously low price.

the nameless

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Taabart #1

Absolutely (if you mean Taarabt).

Everyone knows Hazard by now, so he and Neymar kind of the obvious ones, also fantastic again on this edition is Riviere (CF) and the regen Di Viao - he is already becoming a legend again for me.

Does anyone sign up Litmanen from the youth squad? I always seem to get him in my system but never sign him, he has some decent stats, about 4 skill cards, but he is drastically slow and only has 67 ovr. Can anyone vouch for him coming good? I am thinking of signing him up.

Oh and btw, my Thiago is 25 now and has 94 ovr. He is a beast.


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I had Litmanen and he has pretty good stats or a 16 year old - high 80's dribbling and passing etc. He turned into 101 for me and is more beastly there!