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Obafemi Martins: 99 speed and acceleration!?!?!


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Is this a mistake by the konami guys, or is this guy really so fast in real life? Not being a Newcastle fan i don't follow them closely enough to know either way. Surley this stat makes him the fastest player in the world, in Konami's eyes ?


Loopy about Lupoli
I saw him play at Carrow Road for Inter in a friendly the other year and he is much faster in real life than he is on TV; incredibly enough.


He's ridiculously quick without the ball, not so quick with it but those attributes are for raw pace, not carrying the ball so they are completely accurate.


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Indeed, Martins is extremely fast without the ball and his attributes in PES6 are proper. On the other hand, he lacks lots of skills which are required in an average striker who plays for a big side.


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To be honest, he looks a bit slow off the mark and slow to get goingin real life. As soon as our new signings don the black & white they just turn into lazy cunts.


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I know someone who can do it quicker than that. They're only in year eleven as well.
Tell him his medal is in the post then.

Anyway doesnt really matter if Martins' stats are a bit off, most Newcastle fans who play Pro Evo are already in a dream world what with Luque and Owen playing :)


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He's listed as 21 or 22...but I've heard he's much older, too...haha, he does kind of look like he's 28 or something...wouldn't surprise me a bit