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Patch details for 11th October / Data pack 2 discussion


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New pack coming out on 11th this month but just says stuff about online will transfers be updated on there or will they never update till next transfer window?:no:


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patch details for 11/10/12

the new patch will be out 11/10/12

the new patch feautres :

* Online community mode will be added with the following features

1 widget enables users to play other modes while waiting for
2 max 8 community members can join a match online
3 max 4 members can form a team to play against other community team

* Facebook app [mypes2013] will be made availabe once setup up property
* [special match] to earn bonus points on your win in master league online will be available

* users will be able to choose [give up] at half time in the quick match

* tweaks will be made in various modes for better gaming experience

spelling mistake by konami LOL availabe

jokes a side i copyed this from the server for you guys that are at work enjoy:shocking:


It is happening again
I merged the threads but messed it up a bit. Try to do it the other way around. Nevermind.


It is happening again
you should of move his into mine , it doesn't really matter cos they can it there see it when they log in

Yeah, that's what I tried to do, I just messed it up somehow. Anyway, as long as people get the information on the patch, all in one place, there's no bother.


I noticed the line item "a max of 8 community players can join a match online". Can you play 8 person co-op in the new PES?


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any gameplay tweeks? Faster defensive playe reaction would be nice. Other than that I can't complain.


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i know i shouldnt even care, but i hope they have some more boots to choose from

Pink Predators are atrocious :(


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+ 560 new players is said to be included!

oh god...there arent gonna be enough create slots to base copy all the ones they are gonna take out, lol

*thinks to self* dont panic, dont panic...means it might take me a month to have my OF instead of 9 like last years, lol