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PC patches comparison table


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Many patches and option files are already out on PC, but we can't say there is a ultimate patch.

I identified some patches, and I am testing them, when they are updated.

Here is the result of my observations, in this comparative table :

I will complete it as I can test everything. The patch creators sometimes lie; example "All Bundesliga" but only teams names, I'd rather have the opinions of people that really tested the patches.

Please, I call for people who can add details/informations/inconvenients about theses patches and who can help complete this table. It will be usefull for everyone, to avoid testing 10 patches until you are happy. Thank you.


update nov.03
Kowalski; Deckz Emblems; Dommanu; have been reviewed
update nov.04
Burgum has been reviewed
update nov.05
Downtown has been reviewed
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Thanks man. You can get most of the patch available on the net at

Best patches are there. Hope you will compare them.


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gamingaccess has everything, that's true :)
But, the creators of patches are on other forums. It's nice to chat with them.


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Can we keep this going? As in after the update, if it ever comes out? I think this is sticky worthy. We always have a million threads of people asking which patch is the best, and this offers a fair, easy to read comparison chart for everyone.

Oh, and how about this, a sticky providing links for OFs that people might be interested in. For example, I want a South American leagues OF (but with the Mexican league included), so if there was a sticky that would provide me with a link to that type of info it would be nice.


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I got mine patched with something named similar to Burgum v0.3 patch.

I gotta say, it's wicked. Emblems are clean and nice, kits look amazing, balls edited (includes the red Nike EPL ball), transfers done, all Champions League teams added like Aalborg and Bate etc.

It's the best and most complete patch I've played to date.

EDIT: Just noticed this is on your list as only 3* but missing some key info about it. Like it reads that there's no EPL emblems but there are. Also, on my version there is no Croatian league in Others B etc. Perhaps you've only tested the first version??


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@Bunford > thank you for your details. I didn't try Burgum myself, yet.

The creator, Burgum, post his updates here : and last version 0.35 has Croatia League. I will confirm as soon as I can test.
The new CL teams ? well version 0.35 has 6 Netherlands Clubs.

But I think there is others mods base on Burgum0.3...

For me, it's only 3* because 18 Bundesliga clubs are not with real stats (70 pts for each criteria)

For an ultime listing of Patches, the blog has everything !


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I installed officiel Konami patch 1.2 and it ruined kitserver.

...Waiting for new version of kitserver for more patch reviews...