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[PC] PES2009 OF 2009-2010 Transfers & Adjusted Stats


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[PC] Kalista OF 2009-2010 Transfers & Updated Stats []

Based on Sammy's PC PES2009 OF 2009-2010 (06/07/09)

- Updated Transfers (31/08/09) for major european clubs based on

- Adjusted player attributes based on so no more underrated/overrated players and make PES more realistic..

Download :
Old File (11 Sept 09) :

New Update 29 Sept 09 :


teams updated (29 SEPT 2009) :

National Teams (NT) : Brazil, Argentina, France, England, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Netherland, Croatia, Czech, Germany, Denmark, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Cameroon, Nigeria, Senegal, Mexico, Uruguay, Colombia.

Club Teams :
ALL Serie A Teams plus Lecce, Reggina, Torino
ALL La Liga Teams (except Sporting Gijon)
ALL England League Teams (several newcastle & middlesbrough's players)
Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV
Benfica, Porto, Sporting
Bayern Munich
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Cassano (italy NT), Leo Franco (argentina NT), Guiza (Spain NT) update stats would be included in the next update.

And also the team formation. Arsenal & Liverpool starting line up and formation aren't done yet.


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Interesting update. You should really ask permission before using someone else's option file, but I understand as I was away why you didn't. I'm personally not going to use pesstatsdatabase as I like to try and stick to the original Konami stats, and I feel a lot of others feel the same. I'm happy for you to continue with this spin-off, as it makes a nice alternative for people who enjoy altered stats. Good luck with your future releases.

For anyone that's interested, I am finally back from my holiday and have updated my option file with the latest kits and transfers. See my thread to download it...


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go on :)

I love Sammy's option file, it is the best (when it comes to the original stats). But I can't agree that altering must be wrong. Actually what does PES more realistic is something I can support. I don't like people altering the gameplay, stating it is more real and actually it simply sucks. But there are some players indeed, whose stats are pretty far form reality. So if u have some time and don't mind it, please, go on with this option file, update the stats (maybe somebody will update Poland at last :D) and let others enjoy. Thanx for this option file!




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thats include latest transfer involving players in the game. (i'm not creating new players). Based on and pesstatsdatabase for serie a, la liga, premier league, ligue 1, and dutch league.
Inform me if i've missed something.

Currently updating player stats for national teams..


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Hello! I think this is my first post ever in this forum. And the reason for that is this option file you're doing. I have been waiting for one that has accurate stats for a long time now and you're doing it... and for PC! Nice job man! These original Konami attributes are total b******t!

I have one recommendation also. It would be awesome if you updated the file league by league, so one could start playing master league with teams that have players who play like their real life counterparts. So, it would be just great if you started with La Liga or EPL. That's just my little suggestion.

Anyway, keep up the good work, mate!


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I'm not sure if you to do the update league by league yourself or you followed my recommendations but thanks a lot anyway!


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Kalista, are you doing anything for team creation? specifically, this years Champions League teams. Are you going to create the rest:

Maccabi Haifi
FC Zurich
Apoel FC
Debreceni VSC