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PC to PS2 Option File transfering without Max Drive


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How to transfer option file from your PC to PS2
without max drive


First of all i`d like to say hello to everybody!
I think this is old news but i got it working so it made me
to write this post!
This is for those who dont have Max Drive and for lazy ones
who wont google a bit...hehe:)

So anyway let`s get started here...

All you need is: A PC with USB port ,Usb flash drive, Action Reply MAX EVO edition and
option file

-First of all you must download Action reply MAX EVO edition, a cool piece of software
wich has a large cheat database for many games, media player and file transfer
(USB to MC and otherwise) feature.
You can download it from or you can find it on torrents.
The latest version is Action replay max evo 3.30.
Be sure to find the right version (PAL/NTSC) depending on your PS2.

-Now burn your AR MAX EVO image on CD using Alcohol 120% or Nero

-Now you need Option file
This is very important!!!
Your option file must be in .max format (max drive file)
I got mine from, or you can find one here
in download section.

-Now you need a USB stick (flash drive)
Why AR MAX EVO edition?
Because, as far as i know, EVO edition supports a large number of usb flash
memory drives. It did not work with mine but i borrow one from my friend (TakeMS,256,2.0)

so i finaly got it working!

I have a slimline (70004) PS2 with modchip installed,just for info.

So let`s get to the procedure...

1)Copy your Option file to USB stick, remember that your option file must be in
max drive format (.max)

2)Insert your AR MAX EVO in to your PS2 and start it

3)When it`s loaded, you have the MAX MEMORY option on the menu, start it!

4)In MAX MEMORY you have a MY DEVICES option, choose your USB stick for primary device

5)Be sure that you dont have option file on your MC because it won`t overwrite it!
You can backup you`r option file by selecting Memory Card for primary device and COPY it
to USB stick,and then to your PC (will be in .max format)

6)You will see your Downloaded Option file In Device Contents
You`l see the little check box beside it, move to your Option file and press X to select


7)To transfer to your MC, on the right side menu select UNCRUSH and then UNCRUSH to MC
Don`t select COPY, select UNCRUSH because UNCRUSH option transforms from .max format to
original PS2 Memory Card format!!! COPY option won`t work here!

That`s about it...

With AR MAX EVO you can backup all your PS2 saves and transfer it to PC and Otherwise, and
on the Internet you can find alot of uploaded saves and new cheats for games that you can
transfer to your AR MAX.


USB Flash Memory Issue

Mine didn`t work, so i borrow one from a friend.
Try using a few, it does not work with every one but with most of them it works!


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Uploaded the option file fine. Next day saw a better option file, so i put the option file on the usb stick and it didnt acknowledge it anymore. So i tried a different 1, acknowledged it, but when i open it, it says there are no files on the usb stick??

Can't work it out?

EDIT: Fixed now, i just wasnt letting it search fully.

Absolutely brilliant method, cheers!


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Uploaded the option file fine. Next day saw a better option file, so i put the option file on the usb stick and it didnt acknowledge it anymore. So i tried a different 1, acknowledged it, but when i open it, it says there are no files on the usb stick??

Can't work it out?

<---- i got the same problem! so how did u fix it?


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USB stick issues

Ok, what i will write here is the information based by other people`s expirience on various newsgroups and my own expirience.
This is all i can tell you about problems with USB drives, so...

-My USB stick is a USB stick/Mp3 player (TakemMS,USB 2.0,256 Mb)
and it did not work.
-I`ve tried 3 USB/mp3 flash drives and none of them worked so...
try out with the plain usb stick`s.

-Try using different USB stick, try a few (borrow from a friend or something)
-The thing is, as far as i know based on my expirience, all drives
dont`work and that`s it.It can be due your ps2 or your stick.
(Maybe that depends on your version of PS2, mine is SCPH-70004)
-PS2 USB ports are 1.1 but it worked with my USB 2.0 drive
-AR MAX also wont`t recognize all USB drives, i don`t know the list of
ones that work or don`t work and i think that no one knows that


-try using different USB slot on your PS2
-try formating your USB stick (FAT 16)
-make sure your option file is in max drive format (.max)
or AR MAX won`t see it (and all other save games)
-try using plain USB stick in different versions (maybe your ps2 cannot
recognize 2.0 USB drives, try 1.1 USB drive or maybe AR MAX cannot recognize your USB stick at all,try a different one)
-based on other people`s expirience i read that brand name drives like
Kingmax or Corsair work without problem
-My friend`s drive that i borrowed ( now it`s mine:) ) is TakeMS,256MB,USB 2.0 (plain one,not mp3) work`s perfectly
-When you buy AR MAX you get a 16 MB USB 1.1 drive with him, so
try older 1.1 USB drives...

So my conclusion is:

Try all kind of USB flash drives and you`l find one that works,
as i mentioned in the original post, it does not work with every one but with most of them it works!

I did not try this on non chipped/modded ps2 so i dont know if it works,
my ps2 is modded,but if you can load burned cd`s on your ps2,
i think it must work!

Go to the and register to the forum,
you can find alot info on this problem.

Hope this helps, Cheers!


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First you must register to the forum, it`s free.
When you are registered, you will have a full forum acess
then you`l have PlayStation2 download area
and all kinds of AR MAX versions to download includnig EVO edition.
and some other pretty cool stuff for your ps2:)


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finally it works! thanx dude...
does anyone have pesfan pes5 optin file v.2 fo ps2?

p/s: i bought the pirate version of AR evo MAX only for $1.


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I tried it Peras and i did everything you said and it worked!! It took me some time to get the AR MAx software but after i got that, i used the only usb memory stick i have and lucky me it worked. This is great, now i have all the new players :) The latest update i was able to find was "season 2005 - 2006 until 19 oktober 2005" is there a newer one? I have the WE8I PS2(USA)

Thank you so much again Peras


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Don`t know if it`s the latest update, try throwing your eyes at the download section here, that is what i do first when i come here to see what`s new with patches and option files!
Cheers mate!
i already downloaded the Action Replay Max Evo file//
i got 4 files///
can somebody please tell how to burn them correctly using Nero///


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It depends, the question is are the files compressed?
If they are use Winrar to uncompress them and then Nero to burn them.
Make a folder and uncompress all files in that folder with Winrar,overwrite all when asked.
To burn image in nero you must have a file with iso,nrg or cue extension.
In Nero go to to the Recorder menu and select Burn Image option and then
point to your image file (i assume it will be .cue).
Hope this helps!


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I tried with 3 different usb mp3 players and it did not work, but that does not mean that it will not work with all mp3 players, i don`t know the list of drives that work or don`t work, so try it and if it works let me/us know,