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PC to PS2 Option File transfering without Max Drive


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K guys let me get this straight CDRW or CDR? Also i have a Max Drive but the little disc doesnt work, im thinkin of wiping the usb stick then using this threads idea. If anyone thinks this is mad let me know.


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Thanks for this mate! I've been looking for the way to transfer OF to MC, and your way works great! Thanks again!


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ar/max software download*
i just found the download link on crypt breaker can any one tell me wat is the pass to extract it on winrar i couldnt find it
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peras, I downloaded Action reply MAX EVO edition and after I unziped I got two folders.. one is PS2CD and the other is PS2DVD. In PS2CD there is an iso file and I opened it with power iso and I installed on the pc... And now what.. Before that I burned the iso file in CD without opening in Power iso and put it in my PS2 and it showed me error... After that I opened the files with Power iso and burned all the files in a cd and still nothing.. Erorr apeared.. So please tell me what to do and how to burn a cd to be readed by PS2


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Download this: Its a Java program: it works on Windows and Linux if you have Java installed. I used Ubuntu. Load in any .max option file. Then load in the windows option file as OF2 (File menu-->Open OF2. Then Tools-->convert OF2>OF1. Save the file. You now have a .max version of the PC option file.

I use freemcboot and uLaunch to get the option file onto the memory card:
install freemcboot and run uLaunch: ohje/indexe.html. This requires you to open the PS2. This is the method I chose.

Once freeMcBoot is installed, I played a game of PES6 just to let it create the save file structure on the PS2 memory card.

I found this Windows utility: Its a PC utility that will open up and decrunch the .max file, and show you three files. Select the first one (only the first should be needed, but I did all three just to makes sure), right click-->extract, (the file should be "BESLES-54203PES6OPT). Save the file to a FAT32-formatted USB stick. Put the USB stick into the PS2 (switched off!), remove the PES6 disc from the PS2.

Turn on your PS2 with no game disc inside the dvd drive. From the McBoot main menu, Start uLaunch. Navigate to the memory card, find the BESLES-54203PES6OPT file, click R1 shoulder button on your PS2 controller, select delete. Navigate out to main uLaunch menu and into the "mass" drive. Your saved "BESLES-54203PES6OPT" should be there. Click R1, select "copy". Navigate out (triangle), and back to the main menu in uLaunch and then into the memory card again. Navigate to the PES save file where the option file was previously. Click R1, select mccopy. Turn off your PS2. Put the game disc back in. Play!


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when i insert ar evo and load it it says internet conecction detected and i can't press yes or no, seems like the joypad does not work??