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PES 2009 FULL GAME impressions (including Dundon's from page 5)


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Two things

Hello all,

Don's review of PES is spot on. I just want to add two things, which may have been already raised (sorry I could not read all posts before posting this):


One of the most important issue in Human Computer Interactive system is feedback from the system. HCI is a major area of computer science and feedback is one of the most significant issue. Feedback in form of video and audio output allows a user to be more involved in the system and gives feeling of greater control.

For years, feedback in PES was always great. This was evident in all PES games in PS2 era (including PES2007). When shooting for a goal, the feeling was exciting and you would feel that you yourself are shooting the ball. The sound and visual feedback was complimenting the action one is trying achieve.

In PES2008 that all died. I never enjoyed any game on PES2008.

And in PES2009, although a much better game than PES2008, the feedback is lacking too. For instance, I shot from long to score a goal but I did not even realize it was goal until my character start celebrating. The ball seemed to be floating and sound feedback was poor.

In past games, (e.g. before PES2008, WE times), you feel you shot a stunner!!!, in PES2009 you feel like "oh ok, its a goal".


So many times the commentary is WRONG!!!!. The referee blew the whistle, but the commenter is talking rubbish about something. The players walking out the field and then after while commenter realize the game is over.

Near the halftime, the commenter seems to hint that the game is near the full-time (anyone noticed that?)


PES2009 is a GREAT game. I will get used to the feedback issue and I will change the commentary language to some other language I do not understand.

The passing responsiveness is superb and fast pace is enjoyable. I played FIFA09 for a week and I am sorry to say, FIFA09 is no way near to PES2009.

I lost my faith on gamespot. Gamespot scoring of PES2009 is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong.


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I Need A Good Option File But Everytime I Download One It Says Corrupted Data Or The Is No Saved Data Can SomeOne Please Help Me ... I Have A Good Option File But I Need One With Championship Teams Or Teams That Overwrite The 18 Custom Teams Im A Playstation Three User So It Should Be Easy Enough To Explain ... Plus The Option File I Got There Was Nothing Renamed Why Is People So LAZY ???

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PES2009 Discussion. My thoughts on the game.

PES Comments and thoughts.

I've played pretty much every incarnation of PES, on the PS1, PS2 and PS3. I've played the old konami football games ISS on the Nintendo for example. I've played FIFA on multiple platforms. I enjoy football a great deal, used to play a bit too, I always enjoyed playing PES, because the thought and the charm behind the ML mode is genius.

Take your team from Division 2 and guide them to the championship, be rewarded with a promotion to the top league, where you compete against the bigger teams (big boys league).. some of them.. Zigic, Koller etc are literally right big lunkin forwards.. :-D
I always liked how the negotiations aimed at your side having crappy players from the start, cellini, espimas, ceciu etc.. you had to build up your squad in the next few seasons. Master League has always been for me the reason I play PES. I enjoy unearthing new talent, seeing a player on the game that is around 17-20 and has good technique.. working him in the reserves until he's ready to explode onto the first team. It's a great challenge.

So with that in mind, I've got the newest version of PES. Here are my thoughts on the game so far.

Addition of teams.. ?
I've always noticed that PES games seem to remove teams from the previous games, and replace them with other new teams, it will then be advertised on the back of the case that new teams have been added, when in reality they've not been added, just replaced the other teams that used to be on the game?
Remember when PES Had Palmeiras.. ? From the PS2 game, what's with not having the Bundesliga on the game? Even as Rekordmeister, at least they existed.. now we dont even have German teams at all. What's with that?
We've gone from having English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch with Others.. to having the German completely removed.. ? Shouldnt we be having more of a selection now konami?

I think the commentary has improved, I mean they seem to communicate better between each other, and they dont seem to want the need to tell you the team who is playing (team name commentary) which means when you change the team name from WE United to Wolves.. for example Wolves won't be commentated as WE United.
This is a smart but subtle change to the game, if your not going to license them, might as well adapt the commentary to suit the style and continuity of the game. It's a smart move forward for Konami.
The only problem I hear is that when it's getting to 45 minutes the commentator Jon Champion seems to indicate "this is it, only a few seconds to go.. the referee is going to blow his whistle" to indicate this will be the last kick of the game.. ?? What's that about?

Master League Structure
Ok, this part really frustrated me, I always liked the ML structure edit, I'd usually have the premiership all english teams (including the celtic and rangers teams) because previous versions didnt have enough teams.. then have a division 2 to be promoted from.. I can do this, but they are all foreign teams. :-(
I have an other leagues B, where I can create my own sides, then put them in ML right? NO. Because that's not included as a viable option in ML structure edit.. Can Konami actually come up with a Valid reason why this isnt included.. ???
What's the point in Having Other leagues B if they are only there as Friendlies? Odd choice that.

I've found a way around this, by editing the spanish teams, so that I have enough to start my master league. I have Denton Central United (My fictional team) starting with the ML default players. Then I have PES & WE United. Along with Wolves, Birmingham, Charlton, Reading, Southampton, Coventry, Derby County, Sheffield United & Watford. It then allows me to pick these teams in the edit structure, I just swap them out from the Spanish league and move them to D2.
Should I really have to do this though? I mean if ML Structure is in.. why not have the Other Leagues B as selected or available for playing in ML? What if I wanted 6 or 7 German Teams..? I'd have to go the same route as I did with the Championship sides.. :-(

ML customisation is something Konami need to work on, the format of it is workable.. if they aren't going to have licensed teams, or licensed propper leagues.. they need to revamp the master league structure so it works, if they aren't going to do it themselves, at least give us the necessary options to tweak it fully to our liking.
If your going to stick with 4 Divisions.. stick with 4 divisions.. but have them intergrated and named. Western Europe League, South East Europe League, North Europe League and Central Europe League. Have the German, Belgian and dutch teams together in one division, the french, spanish and portuguese/south american based teams in one league and the italian/greek and turkish teams in another. I usually do this for the 4.

So much has been made about licensing teams, and to be honest, it's getting a bit of a shambles now. If you buy into one title over another because it has club badges.. then that's really down to your taste and your taste alone, a kit is just a kit, not a true reflection of the whole team, it's just to make them stand out from the opposing side.
I think Konami should ditch the licensing for now, just have the actual options in game for fans to edit the team how they want. As long as the options are there to implement them, fans would be still willing to play it, we already have numerous talented people on the forums giving their time to the game to redesign the kits, and they do a much better job than most.
It is fantastic of course that Konami have the rights to the CL, one thing about this too.. remember a game called TIF, they got a FIFpro license for their game.. and they had licensed premiership teams didnt they? So how come they had the license and EA had the license.. I'm sure there must be a way around it somehow? Konami have the resources to give fans what they want, i just think from a game perspective the Konami staff know that actively every year people will spend hours editing the game to suit their personal tastes anyway.

Online Vs Local.
I've not played online mode, however I will say this, playing locally, you expect the person sat next to you to have more of a control and better Intelligence than a computer. SO.. if your looking for a challenge then I expect your best will come from playing other players at the same level as you. I've had a number of differing results, a couple of draws.. to resounding 3-0 victories.

Lets be honest, can we really be complaining about reffin on the game? Look at our modern game.. the reffin isnt perfect in our real life game.. so it astounds me when I hear cries of 'the referees a tosser' and people expect konami to get it right?

Konami / PES Shop
Is this still in the game? I'm still in the infancy of ML, have they canned this option from the game? I liked the idea of unlocking new shop players and functions for the game.

I think I will spend alot of hours on PES ML this year. So far I am remotely pleased with it. The earlier problems I had with ML structure, I've found a way around it. for this year alone its workable. I hope that Konami do a better game next year, at least revamp the game with added teams, incentives to get you to play the game. I'll play this some more and come back on here and post up my thoughts again at a later date.


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Other things I've noticed about the game is that although, yes the game at times does Plays better than any other PES version.. it's just Lacking something in Goal Scoring, it doesn't haves that same Old feeling we used to have just before scoring the goal.

Other than that, I think it's a good Football Sim.


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look at all of my past post and i have praised the hell out of pes 09. This week however i bought fifa 09 as the superb reviews it has received cant be ignored. PES IS NOT A TRUE FOOTBALL SIMULATION. it is a great game but it lacks the depth in terms of gameplay and it still feels to arcadey as i feel seabass is kopping out and is trying to make the game appeal to people who dont want to learn how to play a football game. I hated wanting to buy fifa but i have got over that psychological fanboy mental block i had. You should have both game in your collection.


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One Question

Loved your post!! Very informative. I am looking to switch from FIFA 09.
Can you tell me - in ML mode, do players get called up for international duty, and thus miss league games on your ML team?



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Loved your post!! Very informative. I am looking to switch from FIFA 09.
Can you tell me - in ML mode, do players get called up for international duty, and thus miss league games on your ML team?


Yes they do.


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Does the computer still cheats massively like PES5, with defenders pressing you from the moment you kick off without ever getting least bit tired, just to give one example? I only play single player so that's important to me.


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Loved your post!! Very informative. I am looking to switch from FIFA 09.
Can you tell me - in ML mode, do players get called up for international duty, and thus miss league games on your ML team?


yes its the silliest thing it jus happens randomly ,usually when theres a big match:realmad:


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with pes 2007(xbox 360 version) its the best pes verisons i have palyed ever and i been palying senice wininning eleven 3 on PS 1 ...
but sure it has some negatives but not as they able to Kill the game’s beauty :D

in the end its only opinion


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PES 09 is surely a improvement over PES 08 but there are still alot of things that are just plain wrong..

For example the commentary is wrong alot , I played a round robin D1 cup match against real madrid and the first game at home was a draw 1-1 and the commentary said something along these lines " They won the game at home and now they ... etc "

The ref is just plain ridicilous , it gives out fouls against your players immediatly if you touch another player with normal body touch or normal key for taking the ball away ( not sliding tackle ) , I even got a red card twice for a normal key "foul" ( not sliding one ) yet when you get fouled you don't even get a foul called most of the time.

Become a Legend needs some work , the starting player needs to be a bit better starting the play he is completely horrible in stats and they rise far too slow , with the speed you can become a really good player at 28 29 and have only a bit of your career left , it should rather be that you start just a bit better overall not much and that the stats raise much more for match experience when you play DEPENDING on how you play the match, if you have a really good match , for example score 2 as a striker , have great grade it should raise by match experience for at least 10 , I mean 1-2 thats just ridicilous and even that only in important matches.

There are some other issues aswell

Btw I don't agree with the guy that previusly said he hates super dribble players like messi , if you watch barca matches you see messi actually is like that , so why should they underpower him in the game? I actually like dribbles in PES and ball control, it all depends how good you control ur defence players to stop someone like that.