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PES 2009 - Official league/ranking of Teams Best to Worst?


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Does anyone know if there is a League/ladder/ranking list online of the Best to Worst teams in PES 2009 using the original Konami stats?

For example:-

1. Barcelona
2. AC Milan
3. Real Madrid
4. Inter Milan
499. Hull City
500. Stock City

The reason I ask is that when I play with friends we often argue who's playing with the best team and the overall performance graph display thing in the team select menu (overall speed, attack, defense graphic) is not that clear.


Red Owl

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The whole point in the pentagon when you choose a team is that teams are different: like if it was Argentina vs Italy, you should be able to see that Argentina are more attacking, and skillful, which Italy are more powerful and defensive.

Although really the answer to your question; whoever has C Ronaldo has the best team.


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aside from Barcelona, which is obviously the best team in the game by the simple fact that their 3 strikers are 90+ speed with excellent midfielders and fast defenders such as Puyol, Abidal and fucking Dani Alves. The rest of the teams really all have their strong points and weaknesses. When I play online, I pick Spain and keep possession (usually 60%+ is good) playing it back a lot then to the wings and slowly building up just like the real Spain. But when I play with Brazil or Argentina, I tend to be extremely offensive using Messi and Aguero as my defense killers. As for your question, here is my list of best teams:
1. Barcelona
2. Manchester United
3. AC Milan
4. Inter Milan

1. Between Argentina and Brazil
2. England
3. Spain
4. Italy or France
5. Portugal or Holland
6. Germany (one of the underrated teams imo, everyone practically is so slow and useless).
7. Ivory Coast

Again, if you don't pick Barcelona, usually you can be beaten by any random team if the actual gamer is good at PES. I once tied Brazil with China but I played the most defensive football ever known to man, a 5-3-1-1.... lol I used 3 DM 1 CM and 1 CF with 5 CBs..... game went to be be 0-0 with Brazil having 75% possession and China playing counter attacks. Those chinese are so slow but I just wanted to test my defensive skills.


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It depends on if you no how to use your players, I Use liverpool (as am a fan) and have beaten People who go Brazil,Barcelona,Man Utd an so on, Online i always use Liverpool and have only lost 4 out of 53 games,
They have no were near the best ratings but if you dont no how to use your players to there best, then you get beat