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Pes 2011 xbox 360 edit mode discussion


New Member
Hey guys.

For those of us looking for edit mode info please have a look on here and give your views or findings etc.

Sofar I’ve learnt that there are 600 kit slots instead of 200

36 blank editable teams spread over 2 leagues..

The D2 League with 18 teams and the PES League also with 18 teams. (PES and WE United are here)

The Premiership has 18 teams to edit.

The Serie A has 1 team to edit.

La liga has 6 teams to edit.

Apparently we have only 46 emblems so something will have to be sacrificed somewhere.

There are 8 spaces avaliable for the league logos..

I think there are The Premiership logos and F.A. Cup logos needed for England.

If including the Coca Cola Championship than thats 1

So for Italy & Spain thats another 4 emblem spaces needed for Competition Logos. (7 in total)

Now I'm not sure how many emblems we have or how things are saved but I think the stadiums can be saved separately and we may be able to import stadiums one by one..

For me these are my proposed priorities.

The Premiership 18 Club Emblems (28 Emblems Left)
La Liga 6 Club Emblems (22 Left)
Serie A 1 Club Emblem (21 Left)

We have 21 Left for the Championship or whatever league we decide to create..
Coca Cola Championship 18 Club Emblems (3 Left)

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