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PES 2016 Full Reveal 12th June


This is a better game play video, compared to the IGN one vs the low level CPU. This shows two humans playing each other.

I could beat both of them :folarm:

The thing with human vs human gameplays is that only in very dangerous cases it will be bad, because a) both are human and b) both are playing the same game. To see if it is indeed a really good game the AI needs to be tested like a human, and it seems, from the previous videos, that (at least in that difficulty setting) it is a tad stupid.

[MENTION=180348]Ali[/MENTION] [MENTION=215711]rebelinho[/MENTION]

Full names for your team pages etc fair enough, but definitely not on pitch. The less clutter the better, so surnames only on pitch please, in lower case!

You can turn them off afaik.


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You can turn them off afaik.

Yes you can, but that's not we're talking about. You can choose to see the names or not, but not whether to see full names or surnames, Caps or Lower Case.

Still not watched that vid yet Dragonfly, but thanks for sharing it.