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PES 2020 Disadvantages


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Hi everyone , i have some notes for PES 2020 disadvantages and mistakes which i noticed them since this game released :


1- refereeing is very bad and annoying! Such as elbow hit counted out the box with yellow card and not counted inside the box !!

2- mostly when i get the ball back from the opponent it causes FK for him!!

3- Free kicks are very easy to score made me not feeling something special anymore when i score them.

4- going back to (Note 2) the Free kicks easy to commit lead us to (Note 3) easy to score ! How ridicules is this !? It feels so bad when you concede a goal that way .

5- Master league missed some real rules for competition! For example : The coppa italia play one game except semi-final play first leg and second leg . But PES 2020 made them all 1st and 2nd leg

6- The matches fixture is very bad every two days you play a game which causes low fitness and increase injury possibilitiy.


If anyone has more notes about this disadvanages
Or any other ones please tell me in comments.



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hi welly, i agree the disadantages of "foul" and "freekick":
it would a little bit better if play "top player" instead of "superstar"

1-2. Its really annoying for too easy to foul... its due to the ability "aggressiveness", i have editted many players "aggressiveness" minus 10 points and maximum is ard 85, its more reasonable.. also the special skill "gamemanship" shall be deleted.

3-4. The freekick ability is too strong, nearly 100% conceded a goal if commited a freekick ard 23-30 yards.. same as above point, i have editted "freekick ability" to maximum 85, its more reasonable in the gameplay..

5-6. (dont know haha as i use many of my time on edit and adjusting the gameplay ~:))

7. i have other discover on player abilities to share
"GK abilities effect for onfield players, special DF)

share my youtube channel, enjoy!